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Various Artists - Waldfreakquenz 2

Various Artists - Waldfreakquenz 2
LabelWaldfrieden Events
Typecompilation, CD


01 Philter - Water Sensation (Magic Of The Sun Remix)
02 Lightsphere - Roborhythmix
03 Day Din - This Is The Love
04 Lumbargo - Maximiser
05 Necmi - Smooth Sexual
06 Atsara - Ostara
07 Feuerhake & Analog Pussy - Vision
08 Psyko Mantis - Your Life

Waldfrieden Events follow up release to their succesful Waldfreakquenz compilation is this time around compiled by resident Djanes alice D and D Joanna, giving this summers compi a fresh female, psychedelic taste. alice D Joanna is a fusion of the two Waldfrieden residents whom founded their back to back project together in 2004.

They both started mixing around the same time, between 2000-2001, playing at parties all around Germany including main floor bookings at Antaris Project and Wonderland. These popular girls have also played plenty of gigs in other countries Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Columbia, Peru and Egypt.

Known at the parties they play for the fun that they have together behind the decks and transfering their energy to the dance floor, alice D and D Joanna are also both big dance floor visitors themselves. Waldfreakquenz 2 is a selection of tracks handpicked and tested by the girls, including tracks from other Waldfrieden residents Psyko Mantis and Philter, fused together with progressive trance favourites Feuerhake, Day.Din and Necmi, as well as some psychedelic gems from up and coming talents Atsara, Lumbago and Lightsphere.

Waldfreakquenz 2 will take you once again on a psychedelic trip through the Stemwede Forest just in time for this years Wonderland Festival.

Various Artists - Waldfreakquenz 2: Front