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Various Artists - Warriors Of The Acid Forest

Various Artists - Warriors Of The Acid Forest
LabelNabi Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Intro - Intro
02 Haunted Castle - Maszlag
03 Acid Goblins - Don't Panic
04 Haunted Castle - Echoes Of An Earthly Hell
05 Psybetyarok - Ostor In Your Face
06 Acid Goblins - Ciklois
07 Psybetyarok - Runaway Bulldozer
08 Wooden Monsters - Psy Hussar
09 Wooden Monsters - Keritesszaggato
10 Wooden Monsters - Smoking Skills

This new collective project from Hungary was created when Acid Goblins, Haunted Castle and Psybetyárok united their talents and energies to awaken "Wooden Monsters": The païans spirits of all out-door parties. Brought to you from the deepest parts of the forest, the Wooden Monsters are liberating all the power of psytrance in a maelstrom of music design to enhance your trip. Find the path that will take you to the woods and join the spirit of the Wooden Monsters tripping in the Acid Forest.

Various Artists - Warriors Of The Acid Forest: Front