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Various Artists - We Are Just Energy

Various Artists - We Are Just Energy
LabelAntimateria Recordings
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - We Are Just Energy


01 Samadhi - Energy
02 Polyphonia - Grass Fright
03 Gorump Peyya - Waa Froshen
04 Magma Ohm - Restistence Is Futille
05 Stereographic - The Robbot
06 Kerosene Club vs Fuzulu - Who Let The Psychos Out
07 Furious & Cardans - Only You
08 Furious - Mutant 25
09 Cosmo vs Energy Loop - Azithromycinum Dihydricum 500Mg

Antimateria Recordings is the new upcoming brazilian label inspired on the Big Bang theory and the energy flux of the universe. The antimateria particles shock which originated all we know and we are still to, including the psychedelic elements spread around the universe. Now canalized into Brazil, these elements materialize the label first compilation "We are Just Energy".
Teletransported energies from all galaxies have inspired artists such as Furious, Cosmo, Samadhi, Gurump Peyya, Kerosene  Club, Polyphonia and brazilian headlights Magma Ohm and Stereographic, to create alien messages difusing particles specially created to disintegrate human brains, showing up a new perception on the ones who decode it.
Compiled by dj Boteon, the VA is dedicated to the huge freak family from Brazil who supports us giving us reason to keep working. And more news on the label can be expected for 2009. Stay tuned