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Various Artists - Weapons of Mass Destruction

Various Artists - Weapons of Mass Destruction
LabelManic Dragon
Typecompilation, CD

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Kerosene Club - Weapons Of Mass Destruction


01 Chemical Spoon - Supernatural Encounter
02 Ocelot - Theater Of The Mind
03 Fractal Cowboys - The Mantra Song
04 Kerosene Club - Wastelands
05 Kalilaskov As - Project Pluton
06 Polyphonia - Sound Impact
07 Baba Jelly - With The Service Of Satan
08 Attoya - Scream Project
09 Datakult - Organised Chaos
10 Arsenic - Micronoise

Since the Renaissance or perhaps even much earlier somewhere else, there has been a strong intricate relationship between Art (Visual, Music, and Literature), Politics, Culture and Religion. Many great arts came out of rough times throughout history when artists were heavily influenced and inspired by the surrounding situation. It is human nature to express their feelings and reflect their ideologies through actions. Artists paint and sculpt to express, musicians make music, and writers write stories. Even partying is a form of expression, especially for the psytrance scene where party becomes a ritual.Recent history tells us that oppression leads to revolution. When people become too oppressed they change. We are living in a high-tech super-information age; everyone is overexposed to information either directly or indirectly. It does not matter if you live in the city or countryside; there is no escape in our daily life. Media becomes the super-powerful weapon that can hit and penetrate any age and culture group, the master of media can possibly control the world and leave a great impact on humanity. Presidential election, war coverage, reality TV and infomercial: are they the sugar coated propaganda force feeding the uninitiated public? Fear and intolerance levels are rising; stability and comfort levels are decreasing, what causes that? Is the world ruled by greedy egotistic maniacs?Our time is getting darker and darker; we are reaching the threshold crossover to another era. Perhaps a huge explosion would be the remedy for our rotting race. Like a gigantic alarm clock to wake up the sleeping souls to re-enter the hosts to revive our consciousness to relearn the true meaning of life. May be we are like the phoenix; we must die in order to be born again.Fried Babas have carefully chosen 10 special weapons (special alarm clocks) created by artists from different corners of the world. Each weapon will lead you into the darkest realms, conjure the most fearful demons to demolish your egos and wipe out your inner universe. We aim to destroy everything and anything you know. Hopefully when you come back to your senses again you will have many questions that need to be answered.

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