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Various Artists - Yellow Sunshine Explosion 5

Various Artists - Yellow Sunshine Explosion 5
LabelYellow Sunshine Explosion Recordings
Typecompilation, CD


01 Galactika - Blue Velvet
02 Magoon - P.A.M
03 Blue Vortex - Trancelucid Horizon
04 Optokoppler - Back Space
05 S.U.N. Project - Slomanco
06 Ibojima - Morning Glory
07 Chromosome - Computerized
08 Blue Vortex - Deep (Andromeda Remix)
09 Andromeda - Atmonizer

01 Neelix - Coloured Light
02 Atmos - Klein Aber Doktor (Alexander Ligowski Remix)
03 Symphonix - Cure
04 Sensifeel - No Stress
05 Cyklones - Music Religion
06 Elastic - Pink Deluxe
07 Sonic Cube - Somewhere
08 Ten Madison - Silver and Gold
09 En Voice - Impressions

Since the foundation of Y.S.E. Recordings and our commitment to become a key player in the niche market of Goa Trance, things could not have gone better. Apart from a range of well-established compilation series, artist signings have been carefully chosen, introducing high quality acts to the scene. Yellow Sunshine Explosion Vol.5 sums up our fantastic artist roosta with plenty of goodies to chose from:

Sun Project, Andromeda, Neelix, Galactica, Optokoppler, Ibojima, Symphonix, Andromeda, Magoon pls. many more. Every track is a hit and each act on top of the list of every DJ.

Various Artists - Yellow Sunshine Explosion 5: Front