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Various Artists - Yggdrasounds 2

Various Artists - Yggdrasounds 2
LabelYggdrasil Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - YggdraSounds II


01 Konkylie - Bikini Lagune
02 Loke - Expand Horizon
03 Helan & Halvan - Gnomen
04 Krussedull - Whiskeyjack
05 Hutti Heita - Indianer
06 Purosurpo - More To It (Version 2)
07 Troglodytes - No Isolated Archetypes
08 Freeform Syndicate - Roar Like Thunder
09 Kanka - Supreme Being

YggdraSounds II is the next chapter of tunes from Yggdrasil Records.
It contains 9 freshly baked tracks within the concept of forest trance, all telling their own unique story.

For those who listened to the first chapter of this series, this CD will surely be to your likings. It picks up where the last one left off,and explores the mystical soundscape even further into the realms of psychedelia. Groovy pumping rhythms combined with elements of unexpected sounds set the pace throughout this journey.

Many participating artists will sound familiar to those with a good memory, but some new have also joined the mission. Purosurpo (1/2 of Derango) is a name that is hard to forget after you experience his music. Also from Sweden comes Troglodytes, here with a high energy track. Kanka (1/2 of Konkylie) and Helan & Halvan (Krussedull/Alter Egon) presents their debut releases, both with a different twist than their other projects. Freeform Syndicate is also a new name, previously known as Alter Egon & Loke.

This compilation will definitly please all lovers of the psychedelic scando sound! :)

Various Artists - Yggdrasounds 2: Front
Various Artists - Yggdrasounds 2: Back
Various Artists - Yggdrasounds 2: Inside
Various Artists - Yggdrasounds 2: CD