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Various Artists - Zen Lounge

Various Artists - Zen Lounge
LabelHypnotic Room Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Zen Paradox - Tuna Head
02 Franck De Villeneuve - Mind Trip To The South
03 Supercozi - Zoomacca
04 Lili Hirakawa - Waterward
05 Zen Paradox - Shon Spagnolia
06 Ginza Spy - Osaka Night
07 Miruga - Kame Dub
08 Deep Night - Sweet Paradise
09 Zen Paradox - Melanitis Leda (Edit)
10 Hideo Saito - White Solar Wizard
11 Little Nobody - Woklurk Orange
12 Takashi Watanabe - The Moment

Scour the Internet, and you'll discover that "zen" is described as a direct, experiential realization of enlightenment through meditation. With this canny definition in mind, hats off to superlative Sydney-based label, Hypnotic Room, for achieving this state in just over an hour's listening bliss.

The wonderful music on this album brushes across a state of the ethereal, vaguely aquatic, with a touch of gentle breaks and chilled out soundscapes. Some artists go for an ingenious dub/downtempo/modern jazz angle, replete with dreamy, bouncy acid tones, underlying vocals, and beats that build moment by moment, belying the rush of contemporary life.

Various Artists - Zen Lounge: Front