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Vibe Tribe - Destination Unknown

Vibe Tribe - Destination Unknown
LabelCom.Pact Records
Typealbum, CD

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Vibe Tribe - Destination Unknown


01 Vibe Tribe - Incore
02 Alien vs The Cat vs Shanti - The Purist (Vibe Tribe Remix)
03 Vibe Tribe - Japanese Heights
04 Vibe Tribe - Electrified
05 Vibe Tribe - Destination Unknown
06 Vibe Tribe - Rocket Science
07 Vibe Tribe - A Million Little Pieces
08 Vibe Tribe - No Limits
09 Celldweller - Frozen (Vibe Tribe Remix)

Com.Pact Records is delighted to announce the release of mega star producer, Vibe Tribe, 3rd featured studio album - Destination Unknown.

Stas Marnyanski is the man behind this successful project, he has been producing electronic music since his early teans.
Vibe Tribe's previous albums, "Melodrama" (2004), and "Wise Cracks" (2006), were an instant success and have taken him to all corners of the globe on a weekly basis.

Known all over the globe for his innovative and melodic high tech full-on style, and crowd pleasing Live sets, he has stretched his endless capabilities to the max and has delivered a powerful and intelligent mega bomb in the form of this album.

The creation of this remarkable album took 2 full years, in which all tracks have been tested on dance floors all over the world and than remixed to execute and release the most cutting edge result possible.
Including 9 previously unreleased tracks, all massive dance floor hits, featuring also a remix to Alien Vs. The Cat and Shanti track, The Purist, and a remix to known US based rock band Celldweller.

Vibe Tribe has outdone himself once more, and it is vividly presented here.

Follow the Vibe Tribe lead to a Destination unknown but mighty fulfilling...

Vibe Tribe - Destination Unknown: Front