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Vibe Tribe - Wise Cracks

Vibe Tribe - Wise Cracks
LabelUtopia Records
Typealbum, CD

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Vibe Tribe - Wise Cracks


01 Vibe Tribe - Wise Cracks
02 Vibe Tribe - Dream Catcher
03 Vibe Tribe - Carousel
04 Vibe Tribe - Three Quarters
05 Vibe Tribe - Lfobia
06 Vibe Tribe - The Brain.B.Q
07 Vibe Tribe - Bad Habbits
08 Vibe Tribe - Pulse
09 Vibe Tribe - Memories
10 X-Noize - The Sperminator (Vibe Tribe Remix)

Following the success of their 2004 debut, Melodrama, Vibe Tribe returns with their extraordinaire second featured album, titled Wise Cracks, the sonic result of a highly productive year of hard work and evolution.

Wise Cracks, a highly anticipated Utopia release, is slated to take the renowned duo to a higher level of fresh sound that blows out through state of the art production. Straightforwardly less 'Melodramatic', Vibe Tribe's second album is nevertheless as melodic and inventive as ever. While it's sure to please their established fan base, this Utopia Records classic will appeal to an even wider audience of music fans around the world.

Wise Cracks includes nine brilliant brand new tracks and a bonus track:X-Noize's The Sperminator (Vibe Tribe Remix).

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