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Void - Hero

Void - Hero
LabelChemical Crew
Typealbum, CD


01 Void - Intro
02 Void - Rise
03 Void - Deep Blue
04 Void - Push
05 Void - Down
06 Void - Hide Away
07 Void - Losing my faith
08 Void - Hero (Part 1)
09 Void - Hero (Part 2)

'Hero' is the B side CD which is already included in Voids Double CD 'Angry Brigade'.

This CD which contains more electronic rock orientated tracks is intended for the global listeners.

Oren Emanuel and Tamir Regev founded the group 'void' in the year 2000 and embraced themselves a unique music style known as techno trance, with influences from the rock, techno and early 90's.

'Hero' presents instrumental tracks and songs that combine different music styles, which include electronic elements with 70's and progressive rock music.

This album brings the world a completely new concept of sound.

Also available together with the psychedelic Trance orientated A-Side CD on Chemical Crews 'Angry Brigade'.

Void - Hero: Front