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Wicked Wires - Magnetic Memoirs

Wicked Wires - Magnetic Memoirs
Typealbum, CD

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Wicked Wires aka Delysid - Magnetic Memoirs


01 Wicked Wires - Time Machine
02 Wicked Wires - Crawling Ghosts
03 Wicked Wires vs Brain Hunter - Don't Panic
04 Wicked Wires - Neo Human
05 Wicked Wires - Illicit Patterns
06 Wicked Wires vs Brain Hunters - Mr Mars
07 Wicked Wires - Neuronal Language Program
08 Wicked Wires vs Brain Hunters - Prescribed Drugs
09 Wicked Wires - The Mission
10 Wicked Wires - Psychosis Temple
11 Wicked Wires - Stompers Agony

Wicked Wires aka Delysid is Juan Fontoira and Andrew Olavarrieta, have released 2 albums (Noize Conspiracy Records) and over 25 singles under both aliases. Never before has all of these epic Wicked Wires tracks been presented in one place and Geo-Darkstar with Wicked Wires aka Delysid is pleased to finally bring this epic anthology to the masses. Juan is 29, from Spain, making psy-music, playing the piano & electric bass.and djing since 2000 and found trance since 1998. Andrew is 22 Mexi-Brit. He discovered trance then too and started producing and is a certified sound engineer. Their musical influence is eclectic, reggae, jazz, metal, etc. Delysid is now living in Sao Paulo, Brazil where they have just finished their new studio where they are experimenting with new cutting edge sounds. Delysid style is full morning dark, something in between the morning delicious sounds and crazy pumping darker night, to lift up the dance floor and make a hypnotic crazy atmosphere to go beyond the public vibrations and make the party kick up some dust! They have mashed up dance floors in Brazil, Spain , Mexico and Portugal . All together these tracks represent an era that may never be experienced again when music was wild and raw and the dance floor was a mass of explosions and pleasureful supreme madness and bliss!

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