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Wizzy Noise - Renaissance

Wizzy Noise - Renaissance
LabelHarmonia Records
Typealbum, CD

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Wizzy Noise - Renaissance


01 Wizzy Noise - Lost Atlantis
02 Wizzy Noise - Theory Of Evolution
03 Wizzy Noise - Renaissance
04 Wizzy Noise - Eyes Wide Open
05 Wizzy Noise - Abyss
06 Wizzy Noise - Sputnik
07 Wizzy Noise - Oblivion Remake
08 Wizzy Noise - Sea Song

Wizzy Noise no introduction neededare back, a year after their last release Sabotage II this new album has allowed them to explore and express a diverse range of styles from trance to electro, while still maintaining their own unique sound.

Renaissance and its 09 tracks are bound to leave strong footprints on the dance floor. This is a new and innovated album from Wizzy with clean and strongly emphasized melodies from start to finish, crossing over and blending in many styles. An enjoyment for the ears and a pleasure to dance to, Renaissance has taken the guys to another level and set a new standard for the dance floor with crystal clear audio production and quality.

Wizzy Noise - Renaissance: Front