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Wizzy Noise - Sabotage Part 2

Wizzy Noise - Sabotage Part 2
LabelExposure Productions
Typealbum, CD

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Wizzy Noise - Sabotage Part 2


01 Wizzy Noise - Unsynced
02 Wizzy Noise - Endelehia featuring John 00 Fleming
03 Wizzy Noise - Sisters Of Darkness
04 Wizzy Noise - Ultra Magnetic
05 Wizzy Noise - Oceanica
06 Wizzy Noise - Origami
07 Wizzy Noise - Sabotage p.II featuring Michele Adamson
08 Wizzy Noise - Detuned Swarm
09 Wizzy Noise - Monofonik
10 Wizzy Noise - Africa remix

After another year of great success with live perfomances all around the world, releases on the best labels of the scene and countless hours of hard work in their studio, WIZZY NOISE, the audio wizards from Greece, make their dynamic comeback with their bright new album SABOTAGE PART II that finds them more mature and innovative than ever before.Sabotage Part II includes eleven bright new and exclusive tracks featuring a unique album remix to the legendary Africa track by Synthetic and an amazing collaboration with the famous vocalist Michelle Adamson from UK. Each tune featured on the album is characterised by the unique and addictive Wizzy Noise sound which could be described as a blend of full on and tech trance music filled with playful morning melodies and electro elements in the backround that will wake up all of your senses, twist your brain and overflow your heart and soul with a flaming passion.All tracks are produced by Micky Noise and Uriel in the Wizzy Sonic Zone studio ensuring top notch production quality and have been tested on the biggest dancefloors of the globe with huge success meaning that like their last album Sabotage Part II is also destined to become a worldwide hit upon its release time in September.

Wizzy Noise - Sabotage Part 2: Front