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Xenzodiak - Harmonic Moon

Xenzodiak - Harmonic Moon
LabelMedusa Records
Typealbum, CD


01 Xenzodiak - Down To The Load
02 Xenzodiak - Alone In Space
03 Xenzodiak - Teleport Arrival
04 Xenzodiak - Significant Other
05 Xenzodiak - Hyper Suspect
06 Xenzodiak - Bring The Funk Back
07 Xenzodiak - Eclectic Tunes
08 Xenzodiak - The Sign
09 Xenzodiak - air groove

Medusa Records strikes back. The new musical journey is about to start. Xenzodiak (a.k.a. Albert Xenzo) is the new talent from Lisbon (Portugal). He has been involved in music since he was 13 years old by playing bass and drums. Always around funk, jazz and metal music, Xenzo was playing in jam sessions until he discovered the psytrance scene. By that time he had built his own studio, and after working hard he is here to present his own story. Xenzodiak has clearly his unique identity and attitude throughout the whole album, with a solid drive that will stir any dance floor into frenzy. Juicy leads, deep atmospheres, playful melodies and massive bass lines are some of the clear evidence of this album.

Medusa Records was established in 2006 and is based in Athens, Greece. Our aim is to promote talented up-coming artists from around the world that explore new dimensions in musical ideas, as well as well known international and national artists within the current global scene. Medusa Records aims to release full-on electronic music and our vision is to grow through quality productions and events around the globe.

Xenzodiak - Harmonic Moon: Front
Xenzodiak - Harmonic Moon: Back
Xenzodiak - Harmonic Moon: Back 2
Xenzodiak - Harmonic Moon: Inside
Xenzodiak - Harmonic Moon: Inside 2