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Xerox & Illumination - The Beast Within

Xerox & Illumination - The Beast Within
LabelHOMmega Productions
Typealbum, CD


01 Xerox & Illumination - Intro
02 Xerox & Illumination - The Beast Within
03 Xerox & Illumination - Creature Of The Night
04 Xerox & Illumination - Red Handed (XI Remix)
05 Xerox & Illumination - Virtual Violence
06 Xerox & Illumination - No Way Out
07 Xerox & Illumination - Bass Safari
08 Xerox & Illumination - Turbulence
09 Xerox & Illumination - Last Stop
10 Xerox & Illumination - Head Split

These veteran producers take a huge part in shaping the psychedelic trance scene, especially Xerox, with this being his 7th album since he was signed to be HOMmega's first artist in 1997 and nothing feels more fit then releasing this monumental album on the year that HOMmega marks a decade of trance music.

Xerox and Illumination's joint venture albums - 'Temporary insanity' (2004) and 'XI' (2005) delivered psychedelic trance fused with metallic sounds and highly influenced from the techno and breakbeat genres. With their 3rd collaboration album, they maintain that extra dose of action packed epic music but as due in modern times, it is induced with a touch of electro music and cross over appeal.

The raw power of tracks like 'The beast within', 'Creature of the night' and 'Red handed' (remix for Domestic and X-noiZe) is a blasting surge of energy. The patient pace of 'Virtual violence', 'No way out' and 'Last stop' gives credit to the act's ability to control the dance floor without hyperventilating. The anthemic nature of 'Turbulence' and 'Bass safari' is rich with build ups to a satisfying climax and the smoothness of 'Split head' is a unique blend of psychedelic electro groove.

Xerox & Illumination - The Beast Within: Front