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XV Kilist & Rocco - XV Kilist & Rocco

XV Kilist & Rocco - XV Kilist & Rocco
LabelTraktor Schalllabor
Typealbum, CD


01 XV Kilist & Rocco - Hasta La Victoria Siempre
02 XV Kilist & Rocco - Wisdomfeet
03 XV Kilist & Rocco - Fuhrwerk (Remix)
04 XV Kilist & Rocco - Pasta Asciutta
05 XV Kilist & Rocco - No Mames (Remix)
06 XV Kilist & Rocco - Sedate
07 XV Kilist & Rocco - Solid Hunter
08 XV Kilist & Rocco - Palindromic
09 XV Kilist & Rocco - Flipside

A new milestone in the career of XV Kilist and Rocco. Since 7 years XV Kilist and Rocco form a succesful producer and DJ duo.

Numerous worldwide releases pushed the two in the top league of the international electronic dance music genre.

They established their own label Traktor Schalllabor. Beside, Kilian Horvath and Ramon Rocchinotti, worked with different labels like Spiral Trax, Tribal Tribe, Flow and more.

2 albums and many singles, with a lot of licences around the world, show quality productions in the domain of trance, techno and house.

XV Kilist and Rocco played nearly all of the bigger and important clubs in Switzerland as DJ's and as a live act. They have regular bookings in Mexico, Australia, Japan, Israel, Greece, Germany and Scandinavia.

The third album contains, aside of the two new succesful singles and other new stuff, also some remixes of older tracks.

Written and produced by Kilian Horvath and Ramon Rocchinotti.

XV Kilist & Rocco - XV Kilist & Rocco: Front