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Yahel - Hallucinate

Yahel - Hallucinate
Typealbum, CD

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Yahel - Hallucinate


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09 Yahel - Hallucinate

Yahel - Hallucinate

Journey into the unknown
Traveling (traveling in time) in time

And I've got to stick
To the path of my heart
When I'm going out of my mind

Going with the flow
Seeing where the wind blows
Seeing where the wind blows

Suddenly I find
I'm exploring in the jungle

Wading out to sea:
It's easy to get lost out there
Thinking that I'm free
Thinking that I'm free

The freedom is a tricky thing
Coz illusions fill the space
and truth can have a nasty sting
When it slaps you in the face

You Hallucinate

Vocals and lyrics by Melanie Hiscock

Yahel - Hallucinate: Front
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