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Yotopia - Connect The Dots

Yotopia - Connect The Dots
LabelIboga Records
Typealbum, CD

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Yotopia - Connect The Dots


01 Yotopia - Spunk
02 Yotopia - Sheer Mayhem
03 Yotopia - Sleepless Hippies
04 Yotopia - Offset
05 Yotopia - Mr. Brotherman
06 Yotopia - Game on
07 Yotopia - In My Hands
08 Yotopia - Monitor
09 Yotopia - No Way Out

Iboga Records proudly presents the new album from Yotopia 'Connect the dots'.

It's the first release on CD from Iboga Records in 2009.

The Duo Yotopia, consisting of Tomer Dayan and Yonathan Rimon, has written their second album, following their debut 'Point Blank' from 2005 (Flow Records) and a huge list of single track release on a string of high profile labels around the globe, incl. releases on Iboga Records like 'Believe' (Set 4, Iboga 2005) and 'New Born' (Hibernation, Iboga 2006).

Since then they have matured their sound and blurred the lines between techno, progressive and trance. The result is stunning! A super high quality and well-crafted album, an essential and Unique DJ package for the upcoming spring and summer season 09.Don't miss out on this top album from Yotopia and Iboga Records.

Yotopia - Connect The Dots: Front
Yotopia - Connect The Dots: CD