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Younger Brother - The Last Days Of Gravity

Younger Brother - The Last Days Of Gravity
LabelTwisted Records
Typealbum, vinyl

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Younger Brother - The Last Days Of Gravity


01 Younger Brother - Happy Pills
02 Younger Brother - All I Want
03 Younger Brother - Elephant Machine
04 Younger Brother - Your Friends Are Scary
05 Younger Brother - I Am a Freak
06 Younger Brother - Ribbon On A Branch
07 Younger Brother - Sleepwalker Part 1
08 Younger Brother - Sleepwalker Part 2
09 Younger Brother - Psychic Gibbon

After selling out the Carling Brixton Academy on 25th May 2007 to 4000 people for the launch night, Younger Brother are back, with another genre-busting album. The psychedelic trance pioneer Simon Posford (Hallucinogen, Shpongle) and genius Benji Vaughan (The Egg, Prometheus) team up with their band in a breathtaking album with stunning sound production and an incredibly varied musical journey. "The Last Days Of Gravity" is a unique melee of electronic, acoustic, and vocal music, running the gamut of beautiful, strange, catchy, psychedelic, melancholic, uplifting. Despite its consistently psychedelic tone, the album has a very human element to it, and you can sense the spirit and emotion that have gone into its creation. The harmonic variety of "Last Days" is particularly mesmerising. The bindingly riveting melodic lines provide echoes of Posford's earlier work in Shpongle and Celtic Cross, as well as of his more recent collaboration with the legendary Alan Parsons. This album is no retro piece of work, however, with Posford's and Vaughn's legendary innovation resulting in a complex mix of styles that eludes genre-casting. Despite having no obvious dance numbers, "The Last Days Of Gravity" provides enough levity to be the perfect soundtrack to the richness of daily experience. Top all that off with stunning artwork by the legendary Storm Thorgerson (whose work has graced albums by The Muse, Pink Floyd, and Led Zeppelin, among many others), and there you have it the outside matches the inside. With "The Last Days

Younger Brother - All I Want

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