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Ziki - Eliminator

Ziki - Eliminator
LabelNoga Records
Typealbum, CD

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Ziki - Eliminator


01 Ziki vs Sesto Sento - Trance N' Roll
02 Ziki vs Ananda Shake - High Manage
03 Ziki vs System Nipel & Ananda Shake - Magic World
04 Ziki vs Vibe Tribe - Chain Man
05 Ziki vs Electro Sun - Eliminator
06 Gataka - Weird 60's (Ziki Remix)
07 Ziki vs Sundose - Human Being
08 Ziki vs Xerox & Illumination - Mental Model
09 Ziki vs Mitsumoto - Separate Reality

The long awaited, highly expected Debut album from Tokyo based Dj/Producer Ziki, is finally out. Ziki, head of Japanese leading label and booking agency, Noga Records, has been an active figure for over 10 years now. Born in 1977, Ziki has been playing trance music since he was 17, since 1996, has performed on various stages in Japan and all over the world.

In 2001 after releasing 2 compilations through Shem Records (Israel) he formed the label True Trance, and released 2 compilations.
In 2004 Ziki, gives birth to his new label Noga Records, a true reflection of his personal professional evolution. In 2005 Noga records debut compilation V/A Tokyo Tel-Aviv, was released and turned into an over night hit in Japan and all over the globe.

A year later Ziki releases V/A Tokyo Tel Aviv Vol.2 CD, which took the world by storm, placing Ziki is one of the most important figures in the Japanese scene.

These days Noga Records acts as records label representing new acts and dj’s and is also considered as Tokyo’s hottest booking agency,
exclusively promoting top acts various label such as: Com.Pact Rec, Utopia Rec, Trancelucent Prod., and more...

Noga Records is also heading the Japanese distribution of the above mentioned labels.

Ziki’s music style can be best described as a mixture of pure energy and power, blending in middle-eastern sounds. Eliminator CD includes 9 Full-On Trance hits, and is a result of 1.5 years of hard work in the studio.

Cutting edge production, this one of kind release includes collaboration tracks with Top international artists such as: Sesto Sento,
Anada Shake, Vibe Tribe, Xerox and Illumination, Electro Sun, System Nipel, Sundose and Mitsumoto. This amazing release includes also a remix by Ziki to Gataka's track Weird 60's.

Ziki - Eliminator: Front