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Znooble - Sinestesia

Znooble - Sinestesia
LabelFungi Records
Typealbum, CD

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Znooble - Sinestesia


01 Znooble - Sinestesia
02 Znooble - Freaky Friday
03 Znooble - 10 Grams
04 Znooble - Confusion
05 Znooble - Flat Beatz
06 Znooble - Organic
07 Znooble - Secret Tune
08 Znooble - Bad Choice
09 Znooble - Soul Seeker
10 Znooble - Mohinder

Sinestesia is the long awaiting CD album from Znooble. Beto and Edu have achieved perfection with this album.

A good full on psychedelic album that will blow the dance floor away. With some groovie basslines and some amazing lead vibes, these guys will rock your party, guaranteed!!!

Get Ready for this brilliant CD Prodution.

Znooble - Sinestesia: Front