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Zolod & Friends - Fabrique

Zolod & Friends - Fabrique
LabelDeja Vu Records
Typealbum, CD


01 Zolod & MFG - Top Label Picture
02 Zolod & Alex Ram - Vocal Room
03 Zolod & MFG - Yacht Party
04 Zolod & MFG - Sadhava
05 Zolod & Stereomin - Mosgorsvet
06 Zolod - Drops Maschine
07 Zolod - Scary Bubbles
08 Zolod - Solaris
09 Zolod & Antifor - Crazy Diamonds

"This is new DNA formula, basis of a new lifeform, in which i will exisist, after abandon this world". Viktor Zolodarenko

Two friendly labels, Vertigo Rerords and Deja Vu Records, have united to release unique creation of Viktor Zolodarenko aka Zolod, Parasense, Burned Processor, Terminator, Freaking, Big Noise.

This is his last, Posthumous, album. Literally, it's a music masterpiece, which could forever remain in private collections of Zolod's closer friends. But only due to these labels' efforts, we have now a real possibility to dip into the world of inner melodies and soul filling each track with vibration of eternal life. This CD will be released in the limited circulation and intended for true connoisseurs of genuine music. All tracks are arranged and mixed in a fantastic beautiful story. So... just listen!

PS - This album contains absolutely new version of the classic track "Mosgorsvet".

ARTIST PROFILE - Victor Zolodarenko, one of the most genious mind of the psy trance scene, passed away with the dawn of 2006. His footsteps on the trance era will be always marked. A restless producer with numerous releases on major labels lick Acidance, Vertigo, Deja Vu Rec, Discovalley, Inti raimy, Drop out, Inpsyde Media, Manic Dragon, Paradiso, Serephana and more. He was formerly with the legendary PARASENSE project among with Alex from Paranoic Sensations which had caused great impact across to the whole trance scene. Also responsible for the Freaking and Terminiator project with 4 full length albums proves his skliis to produce some of the most wicked sound and most anticipated from the trance audience.

This is the last full length cd of his brilliant music work. Enjoy it.

Zolod & Friends - Fabrique: Front