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ZubZub - The Powers That Beep

ZubZub - The Powers That Beep
LabelMesmobeat Records
Typealbum, CD

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Zubzub - The Powers That Beep


01 ZubZub - Bangtail
02 ZubZub - The Powers That Beep
03 ZubZub - Plasticine
04 ZubZub - Pung
05 ZubZub - Mating Ritual
06 ZubZub - Eat My Face
07 ZubZub - Spindrift
08 ZubZub - Geodesic
09 ZubZub - Deev
10 ZubZub - Zubatomic

2008 sees ZUBZUB return with their third-album "The Powers That Beep", presented by Techno-legends Eat Static's label, Mesmobeat. ZUBZUB feature former Ozric Tentacles bassist Zia Geelani and Flautist Jumping Jon Egan, along with Alex Pym and Mark Mindflux. The ZUBZUB sound incorporates an epic musical feel, fused with cleverly-programmed, deliciously-groovy dance rhythms and seamlessly blending an eclectic variety of styles and genres; Psytrance, drum and bass, strong techno, break-beats and dub are all coveredand lavished with a psychedelic lushness. Also in the mix is a distinct taste for ethnic instruments and influence. This album finds the group moving up a gear, both in terms of covering a breadth of new musical ground and being a more focused dancefloor-filler than the previous 2 outings. The new album is also a more band-oriented production, with the current line-up having gelled over the last two-years, through extensive performance on the live circuit - performances that have drawn rave reviews and a solid and cosmopolitan fanbase. "The Powers That Beep" is finding a wide-audience, as it twists and turns its way through a myriad electronica and dance styles, but with the continuity of the distinctive ZUBZUB vibe and sound weaving ittogether in to a cohesive whole. The new material has also passed the"acid-test", having been previewed to audiences at a few, recent, exclusive gigs - the responses from people in attendance were extremely positive, ascould be witnessed by the heaving dancefloors bouncing happily along and cemented by enthusiastic comments after the shows.

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