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Zybex - Surreal Energy

Zybex - Surreal Energy
LabelMoonsun Records
Typealbum, CD


01 Zybex - Surreal Energy
02 Zybex - Sensitive Strings
03 Zybex - Atari Days
04 Zybex - Angels Of Light
05 Zybex - Cosmos
06 Zybex - Trip To The Infinite
07 Zybex - Cold Computer
08 Zybex - High Templar
09 Zybex - Trancing In The Center Of Earth

Surreal Energy is the debut album from the new Chilean talent Zybex. A strong album charged full of energy, good melodies, powerfull basses, sometimes little dark sometimes little shinny, flying from light to almost dark and viceversa. A different style that is not usual in our times, uniting perfectly sounds of old and new trance school.

Universal and Technology sounds are mixed to tranceform this to a surreal trip of energetic music that makes u dance and feel the trance every place you are.

Zybex - Surreal Energy: Front