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Zyce & Fox - Hypercube

Zyce & Fox - Hypercube
LabelSynergetic Records
Typealbum, CD

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Zyce & Fox - Hypercube


01 Zyce & Fox feat. Hardy - R.O.T.N.G.
02 Zyce & Fox - Insolation
03 Zyce & Fox - Ireversible Night
04 Zyce & Fox - Avangarda
05 Zyce & Fox - Infinity Ends
06 El Zisco - Somtime (Zyce & Fox Remix)
07 Zyce & Fox - Earth.Base Zerone
08 Zyce & Fox feat. Flegma - Jaguar 2008
09 Zyce & Fox - That Day

Synergetic is bringing you a hot new discovery from Serbia: Zyce and Fox!

Zyce and Fox is the progressive psytrance project created by Nikola Kozic and Petar Lisica from Serbia. The dynamic duo started their collaboration in the year 2000. Possessing over seven years of industry experience, Nikola (aka Zyce) boasts of musical knowledge in a variety of instruments such as the Keyboard, Guitar, Bass Guitar and Drums to name a few. Petar (aka Fox), is a specialist in music software.Further more, Nikola and Petar are part of TesseracTstudio organization.

Their project can be defined as a mixture of deep bass lines, strong percussive sequences, soft pads and melodic synth leads. Their vast experience of performing at parties has helped them understand their audience, which is now on an international scale. Further more, the dynamic duo are involved in various side projects such as TesseracT, Vertex and Ectima.

Zyce and Fox 'Hyper Cube', a first full lenght album came out as an effect of creative collaboration between the two promising producers. Having their vision recognised and aprooved by Synergetic records, the dynamic duo delivered lucid and skifully produced album containing nine melodic progressive psy trance tracks.

Discarding all of the musical prejudices and beliveing that the sky is the limit, Nikola and Petar will continue their journey contributing to the everchanging world of trance music.

Zyce & Fox - Hypercube: Front