PsyDB Artists Labels Releases Samples About


N-Tropic - Klone EPBlue Room ReleasedBR0781999
N.A.T. - Nature and Technologie EPTrans'pact ProductionsVOL0701994
N.O.M. - The Nature Of The MindHelicon Sound SystemHSS00042008
N.T.S.X. - Dreamshot EPAtomic RecordsATOM0112000
N3xu5 - Body BeatsSin RecordsSINCD0032007
N3xu5 - Psycho TherapyKagdila RecordsKAGCD0162005
Nada - N.R.G EPNephilim Records009561996
Nagual Sound Experiment - Invisible MovementsLiquid RecordsLRCD0082007
Naked Tourist - Mad Different MethodsParvati RecordsPVRCD112006
Namito - Hava EPNinetysix Records3i2031996
Narcissus Project - ReflectionsLonely Echo MusicLECHOCD0012006
Narcosis - Exploding MadnessMoonsun RecordsMSUCD0022007
Narcotik Affluence - Synkoid EPTrans'pact ProductionsVOL0841994
Nasser - CheckpointIono MusicINMCD0212008
Nathan Coles - Raas Bucket EP10 Kilos Records10KG182001
Nathan Coles - Step on the Break EP10 Kilos Records10KG222002
Native Radio - Chiba City BluesMidijum RecordsMDCD142003
Native Radio - Neuromancer EPMidijum RecordsMD0122002
Native Radio - Panic Acid Way EPPinwheel RecordsPIN032001
Native Radio - Rumtreiber EPMidijum RecordsMD0072001
Navajo - Big Cheese EPUphonic RecordsUP0012002
Navajo - Let's Fungaz EPCreamcrop RecordsCCEP112002
Navajo - Something That Came BackCrotus RecordsCROTUSCD042005
Nebula II - Don't Look Back EPCelestial RecordsCELEST1
Necmi - Bassrevolution EPMental Arts RecordsMA0012002
Necmi - SensomotorikMental Arts RecordsMA004CD2002
Necmi - Tingeling Sensation EPMental Arts RecordsMA0022002
Necmi & Katayami - Anies Car EPSoulTribe RecordsSOTR012005
Necton - B12 CocktailSpirit Zone RecordsSZR087CD2001
Necton - B12 CocktailSpirit Zone RecordsSZR087LP2001
Necton - Beethoven EPDigital Structures RecordsDIG0042000
Necton - Boilin' I-Balls EPAcid Casualties RecordsACDC0042000
Necton - Children Of The Noizy VillagePlusquam RecordsPQ0272002
Necton - Children Of The Noizy VillagePlusquam RecordsPQ027LP2002
Necton - Goldflake EPPlusquam RecordsPQ0232002
Necton - Mindboggler EPSpirit Zone RecordsSZR0772000
Necton - Rumpfunk EPSpirit Zone RecordsSZR1042001
Necton - Stahlwerk EPAcid Casualties RecordsACDC0062000
Neelix - No Way To LeaveSinn-TecSTRCD0062005
Neelix - ResidentMental Arts RecordsMA006CD2003
Neelix - Same Thing But DifferentYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE137CD2007
Neelix - You're Under ControlSpin Twist RecordsSTICD0222008
Neil Sparkes & The Last Tribe - Burning MaskInterchill RecordsICHILLCD0051999
Nemesis - Snake Dance EPTransient RecordsTRA0271997
Neo Logic - GroovelogicCandyflip RecordsCFRCD092004
Nervasystem - 13 Amp FusionProcess ProductionsPROCD022002
Nervasystem - Liquid Lifeform EPPsychic Deli RecordsPSI0031996
Nervasystem - Stardust EPMatsuri ProductionsMP271997
Nervasystem - Zones EPPsychic Deli RecordsPSI0091997
Nervasystem & Aether - Entering the Mama Matrix EPElektrik Orgasm RecordsEOR0041999
Nervasystem & Aether - Mineralien Molecule EPElektrik Orgasm RecordsEOR0011998
Nervasystem & Aether - Seven Serpents EPElektrik Orgasm RecordsEOR0021998
Nervasystem & Aether - The Mama Matrix Most MysteriousElektrik Orgasm RecordsEOCD11999
Nerve - Channel 59 EPPinwheel RecordsPIN012000
Nerve - No FocoPinwheel RecordsPINCDS012002
Nerve - No Foco EPPinwheel RecordsPIN052002
Neum - Time Machine EPAcid Casualties RecordsACDC0102001
Neural Rectifier Syndrome - Kick Drum InertiaLast Possible SolutionLPSCD0022004
Neuromotor - After Effect EPTurbo Trance RecordsTTR0012000
Neuromotor - Bloody RealityAcidance RecordsACIDCD0142005
Neuromotor - Neuro DamageAcidance RecordsACIDCD0032001
Neuromotor - The Electrik-CityArcadia MusicARCCD0032003
New Age Hippies - At the Speed of Life EPBaluns RecordsBALU132002
New Age Hippies - Sunshine & Rock 'N' RollGlobal Trance NetworkGTN1098202001
New Disco Science Alliance - Break even EPVsual RecordingsVSUAL062003
New Disco Science Alliance - Nylon Groover EPKamaflage RecordsBFLT812002
New Disco Science Alliance - Or what! EPVsual RecordingsVSUAL042002
Nexus - Exo-somatic EPAquatec RecordsAtect0071997
Nicely - A Problem Joe Nicely EPPlatipus RecordsPLAT031993
Niko S - DesiresHigh Fidelity ProductionsHFPCD0022007
Nikola Gala - Bod, Soul, Harmony EPSprout RecordsSPT0042003
Nimba - ElementsAvatar RecordsAVA0312005
Nimos - Time CreationSkykey RecordsSKK-IL0042007
Ninja - Tube Org EPBalloonia RecordsBALL232001
Ninja - Vortex Tunnel EPAlien News RecordsHADSH0312000
Nissimyani - Are You FreePhonokol2288-22003
Nissimyani - Why To Be Normal!?Phonokol2314-22004
Nitro - Rainforest CultureDooflexDFXCD072008
Nocturna - CronikInpsyde MediaIM0092006
Nocturne - 2000 microdots from home EPM-Track RecordsMT0151996
Nodens Ictus - SpacelinesStretchy RecordsSTRCHYCD022000
Noise Anomalie - Deep In The BushesOne Foot Groove1FG0012006
Noise Gust - In The Brain ChipFull Moon RecordsFMRCD072009
Noisy Pipes - Out Of Sync With This WorldSonic Motion RecordsSMRCD042009
Nolax - Persistence 2.0Phototropic RecordsPHTRCD022008
Noma - Goons EPSpiral TraxSPIT0142000
Noma - Moonstomping EPSpiral TraxSPIT025-12002
Noma - NavigatorSpiral TraxSPITCD0052000
Noma - NavigatorSpiral TraxSPITLP0052000
Noma - No Solution EPMicrogram Records700MICS2000
Noma - Nothing was working EPAcid Casualties RecordsACDC0021999
Noma - Rotor EPSpiral TraxSPIT025-22002
Noma - Two-D EPDragonfly RecordsBFLT782001
Nomad - Hyperactive3D Vision Records3DVCD0082001
Nomad - Mad Attack3D Vision Records3DVCD0182003
Nomad - Spaceship Trippers EP3D Vision Records3DV0102001
Non Fiction - Aspect to the FutureShem RecordsSCD10011998
Noosphere - AquaSpirit Zone RecordsSZR120CD2002
Noosphere - AquaSpirit Zone RecordsSZR120LP2002
Noosphere - Carpe Noctum EPBlue Room ReleasedBR0381997
Noosphere - RadiatedTwisted RecordsTWSCD071999
Noosphere - RadiatedTwisted RecordsTWSLP071999
Noosphere - Vector EPSpirit Zone RecordsSZR1022001
Nordlight - A Deep DiveSpin Twist RecordsSTICD0272009
Nuclear Ramjet - Age Of AquariusAscend RecordingsASC001CD1998
Nuclear Ramjet - Deep Blue EPAscend RecordingsASC0042000
Nuclear Ramjet - Delta 1.73 EPAscend RecordingsASC0032000
Nuclear Ramjet - Evolution EPIboga RecordsIBOGAEP132002
Nuclear Ramjet - Internal Fusion 3.021 EPCold Groove RecordsCG0012003
Nuclear Ramjet - Mission To SednaSpaceport RecordsSPA0012006
Nuclear Ramjet - Music for SpaceportsAscend RecordingsASC002CD2001
Nucleus - Dark Horse EPAtomic RecordsATOM0041999
Nucleus - Hovercraft EPAtomic RecordsATOM0122000
Nuw Idol - Protect and UnifyCosmic Communication RecordsCOCO001
Nuw Idol - The Beast EPCosmic Communication RecordsCOCO003
Nuw Idol - The Ceremony EPAquarius RecordsAqua031995
Nystagmus - The Immaculate PerceptionSunDance RecordsSUNDCD0272005
Various Artists - NamaskarIndica MusicINDICD012004
Various Artists - Namaste From RussiaVertigo RecordsVERTIGOCD042005
Various Artists - Namaste From Russia 2IndigoINDCD0022007
Various Artists - Nataraja 1Phonokol2032-21995
Various Artists - Nataraja 1POF RecordsPOF001CD1995
Various Artists - Nataraja 1POF RecordsPOF001LP1995
Various Artists - Nataraja 2POF RecordsPOF032CD1997
Various Artists - Nataraja 2POF RecordsPOF032LP1997
Various Artists - Nataraja 3POF RecordsPOF039CD1998
Various Artists - Native SoundNoga RecordsNOGACD0082008
Various Artists - Natraj TempelNatraj RecordsNATRAJCD011995
Various Artists - Natraj TempleNatraj RecordsNATRAJCD052003
Various Artists - Natura20 Hertz RecordsH20CD012009
Various Artists - Natural Born ChillersAleph ZeroALEPHZ032004
Various Artists - Natural Born Chillers 2Aleph ZeroALEPHZ122009
Various Artists - Natural Born Techno 5Nova Zembla RecordsNZ0791997
Various Artists - Natural Healing - ManipuraMidijum RecordsMDCD302006
Various Artists - Natural Healing - MuladharaMidijum RecordsMDCD262005
Various Artists - Natural Healing - PrologMidijum RecordsMDCD252005
Various Artists - Natural Healing - SvadhisthanaMidijum RecordsMDCD282006
Various Artists - Natural SelectionNano RecordsNANOCD0082004
Various Artists - Naturall Frequency 1Naturall ProductionsN4A0012009
Various Artists - NectarTropical BeatsTBCD0012006
Various Artists - Need For SpeedMetatron ProductionMPRCD0012005
Various Artists - Need For Speed 2 - In Speed Of LightMetatron ProductionMPRCD0042006
Various Artists - NeighbourhoodMidijum RecordsMDCD021999
Various Artists - NeighbourhoodMidijum RecordsMDLP011999
Various Artists - Nekton FallsCelestial DragonCDREC062006
Various Artists - Nemesis & Pura Natura EPPlusquam RecordsPQ0222002
Various Artists - Neo Full OnYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE070CD2005
Various Artists - Neo Full On 2Yellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE097CD2006
Various Artists - Neo Full On 3Yellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE122CD2006
Various Artists - Neo Full On 4Yellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE156CD2007
Various Artists - Neo Full On 5Yellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE174CD2008
Various Artists - Neo TranceYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE126CD2006
Various Artists - NEO: New Electronic OscillationsTransient RecordsTRANR6472003
Various Artists - Neo::caineNeurobiotic RecordsNBRCD172006
Various Artists - Neo::caine EPKairoo RecordsKAI0092006
Various Artists - Neo:RoboticsNeurobiotic RecordsNBRCD082003
Various Artists - NetworkNano RecordsNANOCD0112005
Various Artists - Network Of ThoughtFoot Stompin RecordsFSR2007-0012007
Various Artists - NeurologyNeurobiotic RecordsNBRCD122004
Various Artists - Neurology 2Neurobiotic RecordsNBRCD212008
Various Artists - NeurotransistorAudioalchemistsAACD022004
Various Artists - Neverending StoryZaikadelic RecordsZAICD0012006
Various Artists - Neverending Story 2Zaikadelic RecordsZAICD0042007
Various Artists - Neverending Story 3Zaikadelic RecordsZAICD0062007
Various Artists - New BloodTimecode RecordsTCCD0102004
Various Artists - New Blood 2Timecode RecordsTCCD0242008
Various Artists - New DirectionsStarsound RecordsSSCD072003
Various Artists - New EntryIboga RecordsIBOGACD0082002
Various Artists - New FrontiersUSTA Records2207-22001
Various Artists - New GenerationOrganic RecordsORGCD0072004
Various Artists - New OrderHOMmega ProductionsHMCD512006
Various Artists - New Order 2 - Compiled by Ace VenturaHOMmega ProductionsHMCD622009
Various Artists - New PerspectiveSpin Twist RecordsSTICD0122007
Various Artists - New Perspective 2Spin Twist RecordsSTICD0232009
Various Artists - New ReligionSpliff MusicSP1CD0072005
Various Artists - New SkoolMacky Mad House RecordsMMHRCD032008
Various Artists - New VisionsVision QuestVP0672007
Various Artists - New WorldFullmoon RecordsFMRCD012005
Various Artists - New World 2Fullmoon RecordsFMRCD022006
Various Artists - New World 3Fullmoon RecordsFMRCD032006
Various Artists - New World OrderApocalypse RecordsAPOCD01 2005
Various Artists - Next GenerationSphere RecordsSPHCD0072003
Various Artists - Next Level - Compiled By Red SunKagdila RecordsKAGCD1242009
Various Artists - Night & Day: Progressive TranceTransient RecordsTRANR6312001
Various Artists - Night 24 HoursInpsyde MediaIM0032003
Various Artists - Night shiftWakyo RecordsWKYCD012004
Various Artists - Nightflight 1Global Trance NetworkGTN1024252000
Various Artists - Nightflight 2Global Trance NetworkGTN1069252001
Various Artists - NightvisionAvatar RecordsAVA0432007
Various Artists - Nine Beach 2Phonokol2277-22003
Various Artists - Nine WorldsYggdrasil RecordsYGGCD0012007
Various Artists - No Mercy For The Weak5th Element RecordsTFECD0032008
Various Artists - No Possible Soundz6-Dimension Soundz6DCD082006
Various Artists - No Possible Soundz 36-Dimension Soundz6DCD092008
Various Artists - No Strings AttachedParvati RecordsPVRCD152008
Various Artists - No Time No SpaceParvati RecordsPVRCD142007
Various Artists - No Tone UnstirredFaerie DragonFDREC-072007
Various Artists - No1 FantasySub TerraneanSPV089-387821996
Various Artists - Nocturnal ImprintsMoonflower ProductionsMFPCD012004
Various Artists - NocturneDiscovalley RecordsDVRCD0012003
Various Artists - Noisy ImplantResonoise RecordsRESOCD022001
Various Artists - Non-Toxic FrequenciesBalloonia RecordsBALLLP0212001
Various Artists - Non-Toxic FrequenciesFlow RecordsFLR0104CD2001
Various Artists - Northern CircuitsInterchill RecordsICHILLCD0021997
Various Artists - Not My Cup of Tea..Demon Tea RecordingsDMTCD072001
Various Artists - Notorious BiscuitsHypo=espresso RecordsHECD0032009
Various Artists - NoughtyKoyote RecordsKRCD0102000
Various Artists - NoughtyKoyote RecordsKRLP0102000
Various Artists - Nova NaturaCosmicleaf RecordsCLCD032005
Various Artists - Nova Natura 2Cosmicleaf RecordsCLCD062006
Various Artists - Nova Natura 3Cosmicleaf RecordsCLCD092007
Various Artists - NowherelandVertigo RecordsVERTIGOCD022005
Various Artists - Nritya ShastraTantrumm RecordsTANCD0042007
Various Artists - Nu-Clear Visions Of IsraelTIP.WorldTIPWCD282003
Various Artists - Nu-Clear Visions Of IsraelTIP.WorldTIPWLP282003
Various Artists - Nu-Clear Visions Of Israel 2TIP.WorldTIPWCD292003
Various Artists - Nu-Clear Visions Of Israel 2TIP.WorldTIPWLP292003
Various Artists - Nu-Clear Visions Of Israel 2 Sampler EPTIP.WorldTIPW0312003
Various Artists - NuanceIboga RecordsIBOGACD0432006
Various Artists - NucleusUltra Groove RecordsUG0022007
Various Artists - NyktoDharma KshetraDKCD0012006