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RA - Astral Flight

'And that, will be the initation of an astral flight'

RA - Beyond control

'Opening the hidden doors. Only existing. Opening the hidden doors. Suddenly you feel your body flying. I mean, who can predict the future anyway?. Suddenly you feel your body flying. Those eyes watching you. They know everything. Suddenly you feel your body flying. I mean who can predict the future anyway?. Opening the hidden doors. And then you realize, it's totally beyond control.'

RA - Gateway

'Drifting inside yourself, past your concious thoughts, until you find your soul. There's the key to the gateway. The gateway to the universe.'

RA - Initiated

''Come with me. It will overcome you. You will be one of us. It will overcome you.'

RA - Intro

'Created in the earliest of time. RA. Guardian of the Inner Light. Descending from high. RA. RA. The traveller has come'

RA - Intro (9th)

Every spirit must make a choice.
The path of self, or other selves.
Look into the light...
Look into the light...
and see All that is... Ra!

RA - Paradox

'You know why I'm such a happy person?. coz I've got the greatest job in the solar system. In fact the only thing I ever worry about is that one day, it all might end. I have a plan to keep this from happening. I can do anything I want.'

RA - R.O.M.

'This is not madness, it's a state of mind.'

RA - Sirius

'We can't snap you out of your fantasy. Lets say you're telling the truth and this is all a dream. Lets say you're telling the truth and this is all a dream. Inside your dream you'll fall asleep. It's a symbol of your desire to return to reality. But you got to want to return to reality. The walls of reality will come crashing down. You'll even have fantasies about alien civilizations!. But you got to want to return to reality. It's a symbol of your desire to return to reality. The walls of reality will come crashing down. You'll even have fantasies about alien civilizations!. Lets say you're telling the truth and this is all a dream. But you got to want to return to reality. But you got to want to return to reality. Lets say you're telling the truth and this is all a dream. But you got to want to return to reality.'

From the movie 'Total Recall'

Total Recall

Ra - Universal Key

'You want the key?'
'You sure you want to be free?'
'Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha'

Spoken by Dr. Timothy Leary in Cheech & Chong's Nice Dream

Cheech & Chong's Nice Dreams

Raia - Twilled

'All they care about is their egos, looking good at cocktail parties!'

'Doesn't matter Henry, the point is you might use some of the old media darling a-holes, if the media starts sniffing around'

From the movie 'Nixon'


Rastaliens - Fat Flip


Rastaliens - System Shock

'This is one hell of a trip.'

Razors Edge - The zoo (Sourmash remix)


Red I Jedeye - Mind Expansions

"Om Namah Shivaya"

Reefer Decree - Animal Planet

We should learn through... they're only useful... they bleed and they don't waste what they've got. We should respect them. They don't use like all these machines and factories and so they're not polluting. They don't need any technonlogy or anything to live, they can live perfect normally, without (...) or building anything. They don't (...) wait.

Reefer Decree - Curved Air

Everything that used to be important, is completely useless...

Reefer Decree - Dirty Chip

What is this all about?

Excuse me, what are you doing? We've used every known technique. Yeah.

Then an adverbial, "sedjem-en-ef."


This is your chance.

The translation of the inner track is wrong. Must have used Budge. Don't know why anyone would.

It's not "coffin."

All from the movie Stargate

Reefer Decree - It Did

It did cause um, a problem. I think it's (...) itself.

Reefer Decree - O Tonic

'... there is a more dramatic change in time... If an airplane flys faster than a speed of sound, the waves puch together, producing shockwave that we hear as a sonic boom.'


Reefer Decree - Psychic Substances

'I've always wanted to go there.'

'If you think you're psychic... maybe you are?'

Both from the movie 'Starship Troopers'

Starship Troopers

Reza Samadi - Road To Blackrock

There are no rules about how one must behave or express oneself. It is up to the participant to decide how they will contribute and what they will give. The event takes place on an ancient lake bed, known as the playa.

By the time it's all over there will be no trace of the place that for one week a year is the third largest city in the state of Nevada. Highway 34, an entire two lane track deposits most of the burners that come out to the desert. The road to Blackrock. Welcome home!

Rhythmystec - Cathexis

'Around emittent imagination'

'Follow your bliss and don't be afraid!'

First sample is a quote by Carl Sagan, second is by Joseph Campbell.

Rinkadink - Anyone Seen Bender?

"Hey where are you?" -Bender
"I have allways been" -'God'
"Who built you?" -Bender
"God" -'God'
"Why would God think in binary, unless!" -Bender
"Bender!? Bender!?" -Fry
"Hello! Has anyone out there seen Bender?" -Fry
"No, quit asking!" -Luur

From 'Futurama' (S04E08, 'Godfellas')


Rinkadink - Broken Collaboration

Allright, it's saturday night.
I have no date.
I have my all Rush mixtape... Lets rock!"

From 'Futurama' (S04E03, 'Anthology of interest 2')


Rinkadink - Disco Decay (Neelix Remix)

"I'm the great big rock boy, feel my bass you will obey, open up and lose yourself, disco beats they will decay..."

Rinkadink - Hope Was Closed

Shit dogg! You lay in the cut straight sittin' in yo' ass and gettin' yo' drink on and yo' snack on, while we floss and fly this mofo all over this bitch.

Taken from a "Delta" commercial.

Rinkadink - Kooki Kabuki


Rumble Pack - Simulated Roadmap

"'Cryonization - a journey of reawakening ... preservation of the human body at extremely low temperatures.'
'They laughed at Jules Verne too. You are not ...'" @ 0:24

From the movie 'Vanilla Sky'

Vanilla Sky

S-Range - Microship 23

'Now, this, gentlemen, is the catalyst. The neurological connectic transfer system, not only maps the mind, it sends the signal to another party. All you need to do is tune in, but you do much more than tune in. You become part of the show.'

From the movie 'The Cell'

The Cell

S-Range - Out of Range (Noma's Morning Glory mix)

'Whatever... door you opened in my brain...'

From the movie 'Stir of Echoes'

Stir of Echoes

S-Range - Re-Entry


S-Range - Ten 4

(...) go for step 2, external power activation.

(...) go 4, external power activation.

(...) in for scooter, no preference on the playbacks.

I'll check with everybody I'm not sure we have any of that for you yet.

Okay, (...)


Roger that.

I'm wondering, do you have any idea what that was, how big it was or how close it was to the shell?

Sixth and seventh from computer game Starcraft.

S-Range - Test Tones

Are we the first to arrive here?

lf everything's ready here on the dark side of the moon...

Okay, watch the skies, please.

We now show uncorrelated targets approaching from the north-northwest.

All departments at operational during this phase...

...signify by beeping twice.

Play the five tones.

On the shape of us wear.

Cause maybe you wouldn't even know what was true, you've seen it all for yourself.

From the movie 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind'

Close Encounters of the Third Kind

S-Range - The One

'There is not one universe. There are many. A multiverse. We have the technology to travel between universes. But travel is highly restricted ... and policed. There is not one you, there are many. Each of us exists in present time in parallel universes. There was balance in the system, but now a force exists which seeks to destroy the balance, so that he can become THE ONE.'

From the movie 'The One'

The One

S-Range - Yellow Base

Please select

Taking a look into the light into galaxy... (...) send pictures through your heads... so fast (...) Come on...

(...) activated.

Ten seconds, nine, eight, seven, six, we have engine start, four, three, two, one. (...) Ignition (...) International space station. (...) for perminent human precence in space.

(...) random. (...)

S.U.N. Project - Looking For You

"I don't know if you're ready for see, but I want to show you!"

"I've been looking for you!"

From 'The Matrix'


Safi Connection - Beyond your world

'The situation doesn't look good, sweetheart!'

From the movie 'Swordfish'


Saiko-Pod - Magnetic Force

'Go ahead George, light it up!'

From the movie 'Easy Rider'

Easy Rider

Saiko-Pod - Two Dots

'This could turn Hare Krishna into a bad boy.'

Sandman - Bad News

'My mind is going, I can feel it.'

From movie '2001 A Space Odyssey'

2001 A Space Odyssey

Sandman - End of the World

'Today, a young man on acid realised that all matter is just energy condensed to a slow vibration - that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. There is no such thing as death ; life is only a dream ...... we are the imagination of ourselves .'

That quote is from the late comedian Bill Hicks.

Sandman - Flight Or Fight

'That's tacky. That's REALLY tacky.'

From the movie 'Murder by Death'

Murder by Death

Sandman - Ghostrider (Time Tunnel Remix)

'I believe that God left certain drugs growing naturally upon our planet ...'

Bill Hicks quote

Sandman - Shockwave

'Please watch your step! This is a low gravity area. Please hold handrails at all times!'

'Are you sure about this, ambassador?' 'Yes, most sure. We do not mistake.'

'They figured he got hit by a hyperspace shockwave. I swore I'd prove something was out there like nothing we've ever seen before.'

'Hyperspace shockwave'

'What ghost?' 'Couple guys say they saw something in hyperspace coming back from a job in sector 14. Sounds like they (...)' 'Anybody else see it?' 'No, just them. Said it looked like a cross between a spider and your worst nightmare.'

From 'Babylon 5'

Babylon 5

Sarolta Monspart - All New Arrivals

'All new arrivals please have the pink, yellow and green forms completely filled out!'

Satori - Back to Earth

'The big question now is, can we make it back to earth.'

SBK - Morgenlatte


From the movie 'Star Wars - Episode 1'

Star Wars - Episode 1

Scatterbrain - Illogical Behaviour


Scatterbrain - Mexican Jesus

Yeah, sort of reminds me of a time in Montana. It was 31st of December 1994 when I saw the Mexican Jesus floating down the river. Yellowstone National Park. I think it was like minus twenty degrees in the snow and he was floating down butt naked. I don't think he was Native American, he seemed too Mexican looking you know. He had long black hair and he was butt naked in the middle of the Yellowstone River. Minus twenty. And we'd put our head under the water and come up and we turned our eyes and he didn't have a [...] of ice on his hand, nothing. He was completely immune to the cold. And eh, which reminds me about the ayahuasca experience you know meeting the Mother Serpent. I don't think anybody really could, err... How to describe it? It was totally mind numbing. Just taking it, and waiting and that first time you take it, the suddenly you feel like you've got these vines running through your body. They were [...] ripping through your body. And that bright light burning you up from the inside. Next thing you know, you've got a Mother Serpent inside you. And the next minute you're down there, with the DNA watching the dino.

Genetic material getting changed before your eyes. Man, people think they know about drugs, but... That ain't a drug, it's a sacrament. It's just a portal to another world. It's realities that are always there. A key to other dimensions That we live with them all the time. Thankfully our awareness never touches...

How would I describe it? Terrifying. Enlightening. But utterly terrifying. You swear you'll never go back. Ever. And the next thing you know, you're taking it again. You're going down that tunnel.

People say you have a choice. I don't think there's any choice.

Ayahuasca just takes you. No choice. You surrender or you resist. Resist or inhale. You surrender, you must be free.

I don't know if I could do that again.

And the Mother Goddess calls me, the cosmic circuit calls. I have to answer. And I have to go back to the [...] I have no choice. I have no choice. It's not a drug, it's... It's not a drug. It's just the holy sacrament.

Schizophrenic Society - Word Salads

'I'm the keyfigure in an ongoing government charade: The plot conceal the truth about the existence of extraterrestrials. It's a global conspiracy. Actually with key players in the highest levels of power.'

'Bombs are exploding.'

'All I told him was the truth.'

'Investigations into the paranormal...'

'They call me spooky.'

From the movie 'X-Files - Fight The Future'

X-Files - Fight The Future

Scorb - Kakah Tooki

kakah, kakah, tooki tooki tooki tooki, kakah kakah kakah kakah, tooki tooki tooki tooki, kakah kakah kakah kakah


I think that we have established that kakah kakah and tooki tooki don't work.

Scorb - Psycore

"Reports brought to you here on the sub-ether waveband broadcasting around the galaxy around the clock. We will be saying a big hello to all intelligent life forms everywhere, and to everyone else out there the secret is to bang the rocks together guys!"

From 'Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy' (BBC Broadcast)

Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

Sensient - Blissbomb

'I don't mean to mess with you but it's so weird. You don't remember me at all? We've talked a bunch of times. What's the last thing you remember?'

'My wife.'

From the movie 'Memento'


Sensient - Lather

'L-l-l . . .'
'Listen now . . .'
'Father I'm glad you're here . . . I want you to hear this . . . I have a confession to make, you know?'
'Well, spit it out, son.'
'L-l-l-l-l-l-LEATHER . . .'
'Well, don't be ashamed'

From 'Frank Zappa - Re-gyptian Strut' (Läther Album)

Sensient - Lovely Bones

'Life is short. I need to make the most of it. Today is the first day of the rest of my life. I'm a walking cliché.'

From the movie 'Adaptation'


Sensient - Optimize

'I refer to myself as an intelligent life form because I am sentient and able to recognize my own existence.'

Sephalopod - Option Paralysis

'I wonder if something evil lies ahead for me.'


Sesto Sento - Alchemistica


From the movie 'Pulp Fiction'

Pulp Fiction

Sesto Sento - Boobla Cartoons

"Who gives a shit about pppppppolice brutality?"

from the game 'Grand theft Auto'

Sesto Sento - Dive To Drive

'The program for this evening is not new. You've seen this entertainment through and through. You've seen your birth, life and death. You might recall all of the rest. Did you have a good world when you died? Enough to base a movie on?'

From the movie 'The Doors'

The Doors

Sesto Sento - Freakshow

"Run for your life! before I kill again..."

"I'm a psycho.."

From the movie 'The Grinch'

The Grinch

Sesto Sento - MM War

"You listen to me you 2 bitch mother $#@ers suckers, I hear your working behind my back, If that's true, I'm gonna @#! you like a crazy bitch Get da &$#@ out of my sight"

From the game 'Grand Theft Auto'

Sesto Sento - Ray of Medication

'I need a hundred bucks or 20 hits of Ex..'
'What?.... You took one, didn't you?'
'Fuck you Meni! how could you do this to me? I need you now!'

"I was cured alright..."

First from 'Go', last from 'Clockwork Orange'

Clockwork Orange

Sesto Sento vs Paradigma - Heads Off

'As your leader, I encourage you from to time to question my logic. If you are unconvinced that particular plan of action I decided is the wisest, tell me so! But allow me to convince you, and I promise you right here and now: no subject will ever be ...'

'If any of you sons of bitches got anything else to say, now is the fucking time'

From the movie 'Kill Bill'

Shakta - Brainwash Nation

'The television screen is the retina of the mind's eye. Therefore the television screen is part of the physical structure of the brain. Therefore whatever appears on the television screen emerges as raw experience for those who watch it. Therefore television is reality. And reality is less than television.'

From movie 'Videodrome' by David Cronenberg


Shakta - Kick The Baby

'I love to sing-a. About the moon-a and the june-a and the spring-a. I love to sing-a about a sky of blue or...'

'I kick the baby.'

'Oh, it fly out his butt.'

From the first South Park Episode

South Park

Shakta - Lepton Head part III

- What did you just call me?
- Lepton.
- What the hell is that?
- You wouldn't understand.
- Wow, wait a minute! Speak slowly them.
- Ok. A lepton is a z-particle.
- Well?
- Do you know what protons and electrons are?
- Yeah.
- Ok, what are they?
- They're those teeny, tiny things that atoms are made of.
- Well, leptons are even smaller.

From the movie 'Little Man Tate' starring Jodie Foster.

Little Man Tate

Shakta - Life Circles (Samsara Mix)

'Great circle of life and rebirth ... in our next life someone my come back again.'

Shakta - No Conspiracy

There is no conspiracy. Nobody is in charge. It's a headless blunder operating under the illusion of a master plan. Big Brother is not watching you!

Shakta - Out Of Sight

'See that the humans remain entertained until the end'

From the 'Battlestar Galactica' series

Battlestar Galactica

Shakta - Silicon Trip

'Don't go mystic or paranoid on me now. That computer thinks that we're the ones in control.'

Shakta - Solar Nomads

'From planet to planet'

'Pushed on by the solar winds'

From the movie 'The Invasion Of The Bodysnatchers'

The Invasion Of The Bodysnatchers

Shakta - Spaceflowers (Dirty Guitar Mix)

'(...) it could be toxic. (...) I have seen these flowers all over - they're growing like parasites on other plants, all of a sudden. Where are they coming from?'

'(...) I don't wanna (...)'

'(...) space?' 'Why?' 'What are you talking about? A space flower?' 'Why not a space flower? Why do we always expect metal ships?' 'I've never expected metal ships.'

The movie 'The Invasion Of The Bodysnatchers'

The Invasion Of The Bodysnatchers

Shakta - Spiritual Beings in Physical Bodies

'Clearity of the membrain that exists betwen worlds, the seen and the unseen, the physical and the spiritual, and we are spiritual beings in physical bodies'

Taken from documentary about the 13 crystal skuls.

Shakta - The Enlightened Ape

'Everything is within this, and this is within everything.'

'Anyone can be enlightened. You can - so you should!'

'To the end of the universe. Hahahahah!'

'I flew millions of lightyears. I might have gone anywhere but I went that way.'

'Some things even Buddhas don't know.'

'The end of the universe? That can't have been easy.' 'Of course it wasn't easy, but I got there!'

Shakta & Cosmosis - Anatomic Maneuver


Shakta & Ping Pong - Between the Nothing

'First you will see a spot. The spot will become a crack. This is the crack between the nothing, and out of this nothing will come your unborn soul.'

Taken from movie 'Altered States'

Altered States

Shanti - Tingling Sensations

"All of my most sensitive areas were in flames, my extremities pulsating in tingling sensation."

Sharigrama - Halusignorita (Shari Remix)

'Its not the black side, its not the white side .. its the interspace, its the edge .. the symbol of the yin and the yang'

Shift - Megatron

"I am a machine!..."

"What the hell is going on? Megatron!"


Shift - No More Humans

"Ya know honestly, I dont feel that what I done is a crime. And I think its illogical, irresponsible for you to sentence me to prison, because when you think about what I really did, I crossed an imaginary line with a bunch of plants."

From the movie 'Blow'


Shift - Optical Delusion


Shift - Oxygen

- Oxygen! (...)
- Here you go, darling.
- Hey! I can breathe and talk, just like a fish!
- You speak fish? (speaks in fish)
- What?
- I'm sorry, my accent's atrocious.

From 'Futurama' (S02E16 - The Deep South)


Shift - Shuffeling

'Press the action key when you ready to learn more.'

Shift - The Face

"Are you ok?"

"You want me to call 911?"

"I like this car."

Shift vs Abomination - Burn

"That's a flammable substance smeared on your body. So I would be careful with that candle. If I were you, or all the people you've burned with your act, it just might help get revenge."

From the movie 'Saw'

Shiva - Slick Shit Killer

"Drop to your knees, and ask to be purified."

From the movie 'Chronicles of Riddick'

Chronicles of Riddick

Shiva Chandra - BSB

Still waiting... for the aliens.

Shiva Chandra - Creator (Remix)

'Contact the aliens.'

'It must have emerged on the far side of the galaxy.'

From the movie 'Star Trek - The Motion Picture'

Star Trek I - The Motion Picture

Shiva Shidapu - Diffusion


'All I can tell (...)'

'As I say, make your hats all over your bodies!'

Last one from the movie 'Lethal Weapon'

Lethal Weapon

Shiva Shidapu - Equilibrium

'You are all astronauts... on some kind of star trek.'

From the movie 'Star Trek - First Contact'

Star Trek VIII - First Contact

Shiva Shidapu - In Dream

You don't exist... I'm dreaming you.

Shiva Shidapu - Phantom signal

'Radar emphasis unpreserving earth culture, in the phase of growing non-(...) food.'

Shiva Shidapu - Power of the dark side

'You don't know the power of the dark side.'

Taken from Darth Vader in Star Wars

Shiva Shidapu - Prince of the Dolls

'The soul drowns in hell's sea of fire. We have him now. The dead. The living. All souls are connected.'

'Prince of the Dolls!'

First from 'X-Files S01E13 - Beyond the Sea'


Shiva Shidapu - Space Walk

'Above all the names and thought is the message of love.'

Shiva Shidapu - Vertigoa


Shiva Shidapu - Walk to Light

Lights... lights... Light!

Shpongle - ...But Nothing Is Lost

Nothing lasts, nothing lasts, everything is changing into something else. Nothing is wrong, nothing is wrong, everything is on track.


You know, William Blake said... uh, nothing is lost. Nothing is lost and I... I really believe that, we only move on...

Spoken words from Terence McKenna

Shpongle - A New Way to Say Hooray

So! You take let us assume a third toke; long and slow. You vaporise and you take it in and in and in... and there is a sound like the crumpling of a plastic bread wrapper or the crackling of a flame and a tone. A mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm and there is this.......

There is a cheer. The gnomes have learned a new way to say hooray.

The walls, such they be, are crawling with geometric hallucinations.

Very brightly coloured, very irridescent. Deep sheens and very highly reflective surfaces everything is machine-like and polished and throbbing with energy but that is not what immediately arrests my attention. What arrests my attention is the fact that this space is inhabited.

And so like jewelled self dribbling basketballs these things come running forward and what they are doing with this visible language that they create is they are making gifts! They are making gifts for you and they will say...

Shpongle - Around the world in a tea daze

'And we can take this huge universe and put it inside a very tiny head: you fold it.'

'Hara hara maha deva shambhu.
Kashi Vishnu nara gangay.'

'Ex Maria pie jesu
Ex Maria virgine qui tolis
pie domine domine

Shpongle - Behind Closed Eyelids

'Behind closed eyelids. In very many cases, the visionary quality - the quality of the vision - so to say spills over into the external world. So that the experiencer, when he opens his eyes, sees the outer world transfigured.'

Shpongle - Botanical Dimensions

Pick a colour... Blue... B-L-U-E... Pick a number... 8... 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8... Dream is destiny...

You know, I just woke from a dream. It wasn't like a typical dream, it seemed more like I'd walked into an alternate universe. Yep, it's real. I mean, technically it's a phenomenon of sleep, but you can have so much damn fun in your dreams. And of course, everyone knows fun rules. Yeah...

From the movie 'Waking Life'

Waking Life

Shpongle - Divine Moments of Truth

DMT, DMT, doo dee doo DMT, LSD doo DMT, LSD doo DMT... Divine moments of truth, total and utter cosmic stuff...

Be here now... I love everybody

Shpongle - Dorset Perception

Canto mi amor
Tu es fixe, es muito bom.

Shpongle - Molecular Superstructure

I mean, we are like catapillers, contemplating pupation. No longer will I chew on the cabbage leaves, no longer will I spend my time moving around on the underside of the foliage! Life must be a preparation for the transition to another dimension...

Here we go! Climbing way up into the sky, and we'll see if this ride is really like flying.

Shpongle - My Head Feels Like a Frisbee

My head feels like a frisbee; twice its normal size. Feels like a football and someone's moved the goal posts. Everything is slightly out of joint and weird; disconnected. I had to hold onto the walls.

And we noticed that women, especially the hippy ladies, started reacting differently. With your permission their nipples get hard; they start dancing in a whole other kind of way. Catching butterflies in the air. People get goosepimples. They laugh, they cry at the same time. They get horny and holy at the same time- you see them.

This one brought me down to my knees. I had to hold onto the wall. My knees shaking, quivering. My head feels like a frisbee.

Shpongle - Once Upon the Sea of Blissful Awareness

Waves of the soft spring wind
Love's flood tide is rising full
The moon of love is rising full
Sea of beauty.
The moon of love is rising full
Love's flood tide.

Some laugh, some weep, some dance for joy.
My mind craves nectar day and night.

Like a blue lotus floating on the sea of love.

Lingering in ashantically
Lingering in the akashic realms
Lingering in the realms.

Blue lotus floats, floating, floating..

Some laugh, some weep, some dance for joy.

My mind craves nectar day and night.

Shpongle - Room 23

I'm feeling very shpongled.
Smashed,mashed, completely geschtonkenflapped.

To be shpongled is to be kippered, mashed, smashed, destroyed


Feel so smooth.....Everything tingling

Shpongle - Shpongle falls

'All these energies are making me sway. This is a sphircular vortex.... spinning ... spinning ... spinning .... spinning .... spinning .... like this...'

Shpongle - Shpongleyes

'Er, this is no offense but you are a robot aren't you?'

'Ok... let's stay cool. Everybody stay cool.'

From the movie 'Forbidden Planet', second from the movie "The Abyss"

Forbidden Planet
The Abyss

Shpongle - Star Shpongled Banner

Well, y'know, it's like this experience that I had was like, y'know, erm, it was kind of the most profound experience I've had in me life, like.

I am a shaman, magician
The sun is purple
3D dimensions
I am for mental extensions.

You know the mind has a thousand eyes

Oohh, Que Terror

Shpongle - The Nebbish Route

(What can) I do-diddly-diddly-diddly--gobble-gobble-gobble-gabba-gabba-heeeey

From Simpsons 'The mysterious voyage of Homer' (S08E09)


Shpongle - The Seventh Revelation

'Each of the skulls has special powers which are used in magic rituals, in healing, in clairvoyance and other paranormal activities. The skulls can also be used as shamanic tools to unlock the past, the present and the future. All the present crystal technology had a high up base after the discovery of the Crystal Skulls and they have yet a lot of information for the futures sons of the Earth. Peace, love, wild-life conservation and high technology to link us with the Cosmos. Through the power of sound the information kept in the skulls can be decoded to reveal hidden knowledge and give access to the world of spirits.'

Shpongle - The Sixth Revelation

'First there is water, then it looks for the mother, which is silicon. And it always is in geo-thermal activitiy volcanos. Where there is pressure, and a lot of heat. This creates and forms a quarz crystal, in six sides. It grows right-handed and left-handed according to the largest face. It has postive and negative, qualites on each of it's faces. So thats where we can have our modern radios, televisions, computers, watches, sonar, radar. Everything thats communication, comes from (...) quarz crystals.'

Shpongle - Vapour Rumour

...crashed spacecraft. An explanation that folks, sentient, extra terrestrial enitities are somehow active on Earth. But certainly there is a vast (...) entity (...) on the phenomena of unidentified flying objects.

We can not rule out the possibility that creatures, who may well be superior to us, are interested in what is happening on our Earth. These unidentified flying objects that appear to display unique characteristics, such as their speed, their rapid manouvering and so on, must be studied in the interest of mankind.

It's 3 o'clock. What may well be the most important afternoon in the history of this world. Humanity's first contact with an extra terrestrial species.

We're receiving a transmission. We're seeing some sort of vapour. I don't know, gas or something? Wait - something is happening!

Shrink - Planet-X

'If you do not know the present, how can you claim to know the future?'

Shulman - Small Grey Creatures

'There was an extensive annex based upon the one of the UFOs had crashed in Northern Germany right near the Baltic sea. It had crashed very near where the Russian and British zones came together. This was a disk that was 30 meters across in diameter and 5 meters thick. It crashed, and the British army retrieved it with the British Engineer Battallion. And they somehow learned how to take the object apart. They were able to get inside of it and they learned somehow to break it down into, pie, wedge-shaped pieces and they hauled those pieces away on what were called lowboy trucks. And they hauled them away and I understood that they were actually turned over to the Americans. This was a crash and in, in the object were small bodies. Approximately 12 of them. They were small grey creatures with large heads.'

From 'Robert Dean - The Assessment'

Sienis - Tales from the trip


Silicon Sound - Digital thought

'I was aware of having thoughts or memories, I've been invaded by something which was trying to take me over.'

From the movie 'Ghosts of Mars'

Ghosts of Mars

Silicon Sound - Nexus 6

'What generation are you?'
'Nexus 6'

From movie the 'Blade Runner'

Blade Runner

Silicon Sound - Seismic Charge

Dad, I think we're being tracked!
Hang on son, we'll move into the asteroid field. And we'll have a couple of surprises for them.

Seismic charges... Stand by!

From the movie 'Star Wars - Episode II'

Star Wars - Episode II: Attack of the clones

Silicon Sound - Topple Over

'Gentleman, it's a nuclear device...'

Silicon Sound feat. DJ Psychotrop - Departure

"Welcome to Mars City, Union Aerospace's premiere research facility. To expedite your processing, please proceed directly to reception."

From the game 'Doom 3'

Sine Die - Secrets

"J'ai déjà volé dans cette soucoupe, même qu'elle n'est pas terminée."

"Une sorte de vol par la pensée."

"Le mental pour les moteurs."

"Ça sera un robot."

"La terre est un triangle, c'est pas rond comme on croit."

From the Belgian TV show 'Strip Tease' episode 'Le Grand Voyage'

Skazi - Alive

'What time are you taking off?'

'Kind of takes the fun out of being alive, doesn't it?'

From the movie 'The 6th Day'

The 6th Day

Skazi - Animal

'Now I want you to pretend you're in a theater, a movie theater. It's one of those great old movie palaces, you are the only one there.
you look arround and you notice that the walls of the theater are painted black.'


From the movie 'Stir of Echoes'

Stir of Echoes

Skazi - Are You Still There?

'Oh fuck, somebody call the cops'

From movie 'Fight Club'

Fight Club

Skazi - Element


Skazi - Fire on Ice


Skazi - Hit and run

People get ready right´ya know here we come.
G'yal wine up your wheels and give me some.
Skazi and Big-Bass line side of Ami-San
All over the globe we are ruling in Japan.
Wish you like Fishi in a combination.
Blondie teens in the New York and in a London.
"Alifut Ha-olam" number one Ichiban
"Ten et ze a" I hit and run...

come and say hit and run Ami say hit and run
right on now j' knows that we are freak and one
(Hit and run Ami say hit and run)
skazi and big bass line side of Ami-san
(Hit and run Ami say hit and run)
Jump pa-pa jump papa singly some one
(Hit and run Ami say hit and run)
Right now dis ya choon come...

Going through the tribe all the fire
(Hit and run Ami say hit and run)
We tell lies blow out my head
(Hit and run Ami say hit and run)
Try smells it soltisfaid
(Hit and run Ami say hit and run)
People know why is wrong yeahhh
(Skazi and Big-Bass line side of Ami-San)

Skazi - Passion

'Houston, we don't have a problem.'

'3 . . . 2 . . . 1. Blast Off !'

From 'Sex and The City'

Skazi - Pissed off

"Do not fuck with us"

"We're very very pissed off....hear!"

"Is this a trick?"

From the movie 'Fight Club'

Fight Club

Skazi - Slide

'You feel the healing energy in this place all around you. Now find your power animal'


'Imagine your pain as a white ball of healing light. It moves over your body, healing you. Now keep this going, remember to breathe, and step forward through the backdoor of the room. Where does it lead?'

From the movie 'Fight Club'

Fight Club

Skazi - Stealing My Memories

"You are feeling very sleepy, very relaxed. As your body calmly drifts, deeper and deeper into a state of peaceful relaxation, you will respond only to the sound of my voice."

"What is the doctor doing now?"

"...[like he's] stealing my memories."

From X-Files S03E20


Skazi - Storm

'Sound activated'

'What the hell's going on?!'

'What we need to do is figure out how to get around the traps.'

From movie 'Cube' (1997)


Skazi - XTC

"The Children of XTC aren't safe anymore"

From the movie 'Human Traffic'

Human Traffic

Skazi & Cpu - Highest Party

"I'll never tell." - Brittany Murphy

From the movie 'Don't Say A Word'

Skazi On Acid - Alex's Tooth


Skazi vs Duvdev - World Destruction

This is my generation!
World Destruction!

This is the world destruction,
Your life ain't nothing.
The human race is becoming a disgrace.
Nationalities are fighting with each other,
Because the system,
Cause the system tells you!

Skulptor - You Have To Be Mine

I've been waiting here alone and now you go.
I did the best os mine
Wanna tell you all the things you have to know
Girl you have to be mine

Slide - First Contact

'I have seen things that people would not belive.'

From the movie 'Blade Runner'

Blade Runner

Slide - The Search

'And still, the search goes on.'

Slinky Wizard - Funky Munkus

'Which in effect stated that we have in our possesion a flying saucer.'

Slinky Wizard - Lunar Juice

'(giggle) It's wonderful.'

'Everybody's okay, so far.' 'Hold on boys. It's all downhill from here.'

From the movie 'The Abyss'

The Abyss

Slinky Wizard - People Like Us

'They know you in this place? This place we're coming to? The place we're at now, this place.'

'Kill enemy'

'They are people like us'

First one from 'Easy Rider'

Easy Rider

Slinky Wizard - Shivari Thing

'The full moon brings a new season. Another term in the cycle of life. A new phase in Shiva's cosmic dance.'

Slinky Wizard - Supernatural

'They have established contact with outer planet'

'I wonder what kind of a world we’re opening the door on'

'Some other planet'

'We transform sound into light. Bouncing off some object in outer space'

'Me and the machine are one. '

'Mars seems to have run out of messages for the moment'

Slinky Wizard - The Wizard

'We must be over the rainbow.'

'I am Oz.'

'Far, far away.'

From the movie 'The Wizard of Oz'

The Wizard of Oz

Snug as a Bug - Big Block (Remix)

'This is city prob scanner, we have run into some illegall sexual activity.'

From the movie 'THX 1138'

THX 1138

Snug as a Bug - Margonzilla

'Bob, I want all my Garmonbozia. '

'I am the arm and I sounds like this: ........'

From the movie 'Twin Peaks - Fire Walk With Me'

Twin Peaks - Fire Walk With Me

Sol At Luna - Es Ist Voller Sterne

'Everybody! Es ist voller Sterne! (German: it is full of stars!)'

Solar Brotherhood - Poseidon


"The divine has chosen my path. I must walk it wherever it leads."

Second from 'Andromeda' (S01E04: D Minus Zero)


Solaris - Out There

When you feel the cow, who will go with in a smooth rouch?

Women becoming faster of the mind and space.

Sonicsurfers - P.O.D. (Talamasca Remix)

'We need to find eight final spirit.'

From the movie 'Final Fantasy'

Final Fantasy

Sonnenvakuum - Space raiders


Sorcerer - Mental Trip

'Travel to any part of the universe, without moving '

Taken from movie 'Dune'


Soulflyer - Real Social


From the movie 'Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas'

Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas

Sound Mekkanikka - Chill Dat Beach Out

Normally, both of you would be dead as fucking fried chicken by now, but since I'm in a transitional period, I don't want to kill either one of your asses

Movie: Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction

Soundaholix - Drug Frenzy


Space Buddha - Ancient Voices

"When I shut my eyes I dwelt in a delicious land of dreams. On the wings of a speechless music I floated through the air and in the cloud valleys played hide-and-seek with meteors." @ 0:46

The Hasheesh Eater by Fitz Hugh Ludlow (unknown speaker)

Space Buddha - Dust In The Wind

'We believe that ecstasy causes serotonin depletion and may lead to depression in later life. Anyone who repeatedly takes ecstasy is punching the wall between consciousness and unconsciousness.'

From the movie 'Human Traffic'

Human Traffic

Space Buddha - Lost In Infinity

"My childhood seems like a ghost town, filled with blurred images and nightmares. And when I look back I know my memory's hopelessly <flooded?> and tangled my imagination. I find it difficult to distinguish between what was real and what was something else." @ 0:13 (Eric Lloyd as Phillip)

From the movie 'Luminous Motion'

Luminous Motion

Space Buddha - Mental Hotline

Hello and welcome to the mental health hotline.

-If you are Obsessive Compulsive, press 1 repeatedly.

-If you are Codependent, ask someone to press 2 for you.

-If you are Multiple Personality, pres 3 – 4 – 5 – 6

-If you are Paranoid, we know what you are, what you want. Stay on the line and we’ll trace your call.

-If you are Delusional, press 7 and your call will be transferred to the mothership.

-If you are Schizophrenic, listen carefully and a small voice will tell you which number to press.

-If you are Depressive, it doesn’t matter which number you press noone will answer you.

-If you are Dyslexic, press 69696969

-If you have a Nervous Disorder, please fidget with the hash key until the beep, after the beep please wait for the beep.

-If you have a Short Term Memory Loss, please try your call again later.

-And if you have No Self-Esteem, hang up all our operators are too busy to talk to you.

Waltevil: ipernity

Space Buddha - Storm reaction

'In a few hours...She'll probably be sane enough to work herself into some sort of tolering Jesus paste rage, at the hazy recollection of being seduced by some kind of cruel Samoan who fed her licuor and L.S.D'

From the movie 'Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas'

Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas

Space Cat vs Pixel - Clear Test Signal

this is a test of frequency instruments
base, drums, distortion, artifacts

test number 1: low frequency distortion, clean trance signal - fourty (40) hertz

test number 2: signed band effect - fourty and one hundred eighty five (40185) Hertz

test number 3: wide band test, twenty and fifty (2050) Hertz plus white noise

Space Fish - Das Konstrukt

'Wir befinden uns in einem computerprogramm....realität...das was wir hier sehen nennen wir das restselbstbild.'

From the movie 'Matrix' (German version)


Space Monkey - Digital Illusions

"What's it doing?" @ 0:15
"Some kind of compound ????"
"Reaching out, influencing, changing things ... moving objects by thought."
"Extraordinary intervention ... intelligent cause."

- "It's your disbelief ... stubborn faith ... allows his deception." @ 4:49
- ???

First one from the movie 'Prince Of Darkness'

Princess Mononoke

Space Monkey - Distorted Reality

"... everywhere. They're all around us. Some scary stuff ..." @ 0:28
- "You have all just stepped ..." @ 0:42
- "What you see, what you hear ... nothing is what it seems" @ 0:47

- "Let's talk about our beliefs and what we can learn about them. We believe nature is solid and time a constant. Matter has substance and time a direction. There is truth in flesh and the solid ground. The wind may be invisible but it's real." @ 3:43 (Victor Wong as Professor Birack)
- "And we assume time is narrow because it is as a clock - one second is one second for everyone. Cause precedes effect - fruit rots, water flows downstream. We're born, we age, we die. The reverse never happens. None of this is true! Say goodbye to classical reality because our logic collapses on the subatomic level into ghosts and shadows" @ 4:10 (Professor Birack)

First one from 'The Recruit', second from 'Prince Of Darkness'

The Recruit
Prince Of Darkness

Space Monkey - Flash-Daddy

"Suppose what your faith has said is essentially correct. Suppose there is a universal mind controlling everything, a god willing the behaviour of every subatomic particle. Well, every particle has an anti-particle, its mirror image, its negative side. Maybe this universal mind resides in the mirror image instead of in our universe as we wanted to believe. Maybe he's anti-god, bringing darkness instead of light." @ 0:19 (Professor Birack)
- Prince Of Darkness

- "What you have just witnessed could be the end of a particularly terrifying nightmare. It isn't - it's the beginning." @ 2:10 (Rod Serling)
- The Twilight Zone (from the episode "In His Image")

- "It's the music of the earth, the music of the sun and the stars, the music of yourself. The music is different here, the vibrations are different, not like planet Earth." @ 3:12
- "Effective vibrations." @ 3:53
- "Teleport the whole planet here." @ 3:56

First from 'Prince Of Darkness', second from 'The Twilight Zone' (from the episode

Prince Of Darkness
Space Is The Place

Space Monkey - Game Over

"... we observe today not a victory of party, but a celebration of freedom, symbolising an end as well as a beginning, signifying renewal as well as change. For I have sworn before you and Almighty God the same ..." @ 2:56

- "Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, to assure the survival and the success of liberty." @ 3:23

John F. Kennedy (from his inaugural speech on 20 January 1961)

Space Monkey - Resident evil

"Give me that fucking switch right now! I'm gonna fry your ass." @ 2:22 (Rain)
- "What the hell's going on down here?" @ 2:35
- "The initial charge must have damaged her boards" @ 4:09
- "Things, I gather, have gone out of control." @ 4:15 (Red Queen)
- "Research and development." @ 4:26 (Red Queen)
- "<????>" @ 4:30

From the movie 'Resident Evil'

Resident Evil

Space Tribe - 54 Bassdrums

'These sounds have not been treated in any way'

'If you can't hear something you like off of that, perhaps you've been trying a different drum machine'

'This is a real horses laughts collection: ...'

'Would 54 bass drums satisfy you?'

Space Tribe - A Pinch Of Psychedelic

'To fall in hell or soar angellic, you need a pinch of psychedelic'

The Beyond Within: The Rise and Fall of LSD

Space Tribe - All You Need Is Spirit And Nothing

'Imagine ehh. Yourself in infinite space floating. All that is required is spirit and nothing. The logic of how creation and all things that are created through nothing but spirit. All that is required is spirit and nothing.'

Space Tribe - Atomic Pow Wow

'Whatever you have thought about the world before, forget it, now you are on this one.'

'What evolution is, is the slow conquest of dimensions.'

'Music has always been the way..'

Space Tribe - Beyond the Subatomic

'Try to see past the surface, past the light. to the patterns of energy and matter.'

'Solve the riddles of the subatomic particles.'

From 'Star Trek - The Next Generation'

Star Trek - The Next Generation

Space Tribe - Dance Like Nobody's Watching

'Instructions for life, Take into account that great love and great achievements involve great risk. When you lose, don't lose the lesson. Respect for self, respect for others, and responsibility for all your actions. Learn the rules so you know how to break them properly. open your arms to change, but don't let go of your values. Spend some time alone every day. Approach love with reckless abandon. Share your knowledge, it's a way to achieve immortality. Be gentle with the earth. Dance like nobody's watching'

From mantra av Dalai Lama

Space Tribe - Echoes In Eternity

'What we do in life, echoes in eternity'

From movie 'Gladiator'


Space Tribe - God's Chosen People

'The end ... the lord jesus christ, we can bring peace ... submit to jesus, as king of his realm and king of the jews, but I don't want to submit to anyone, well, you'll have to my friend ... ... Because they're god's chosen people, god's chosen people, god's chosen people.'

'The molecule once existed in nature, for an infinitessimal period of time at the exact moment of the big bang. Infinitely complex, yet harmounious. Perfection. The knowledge they gained allowed them to refine their theories. Perfection, I wish to understand.'

Second part from 'Star Trek Voyager' (S04E21, The Omega Directive)

Star Trek - Voyager

Space Tribe - In the hands of Shaman

'To fall in hell or soar angellic, you need a pinch of psychedelic'

'In the hands of the Shaman.'

'The state of oforia, prepare to...'

Space Tribe - It Might Lead Anywhere

'Human beings have undiscovered and undeveloped pathways'

'Exposure to the paranormal was almost inevitable in the start of a personal transformation. A transformation that might lead anywhere'

Space Tribe - Know Your Dopefiend

'Know your dopefiend. Your life may depend on it! You will not be able to see his eyes because of tea-shades, but his knuckles will be white from inner tension and his pants will be crusted with semen from constantly jacking off when he can't find a rape-victim. He will stagger and babble when questioned. He will not respect your bath.'

'Know your dopefiend. Your life may depend on it!'

'There are 4 states of being in the cannabis society, Cool, groovy, hip and square. In that descending order. The square is seldom, if ever, cool. He is NOT with it. That is: he doesn't know WHAT'S happening, but if he manages to figure it out, he moves up a notch to 'hip'. And if he can bring himself to approve of what's happening he becomes 'groovy'. And after that with much luck and perseverance he can rise to the rank of 'cool'.'

'Ahhrm. We must come to terms with the drug-culture in the country. The reefer butt is called a roach because it resembles a cockroach.'

'About those flashbacks. The patient never knows and think it's all over and then he gets himself straightened out for six months and then DARNIT the whole trip comes back on him.'

Sound like from the movie 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas'

Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas

Space Tribe - Machine Elf

'Visual contact established. Requesting permision to land.'

'A journey into the next world.'

'The past is the thing, over the past.'

Space Tribe - Mass Hysteria

'I feel strange, but also good!'

'Madness? Mass hysteria? Delusion?'

'I feel strange, but also good.'

First one could be Orson Welles. Last two from 'Star Trek - The Next Generation' (S01E03, The Naked Now)

Star Trek - The Next Generation

Space Tribe - Out Of Control

'This is very close to out of control'

'It's just a whole new level'

Space Tribe - Out there in the Universe

' we have ... together ...'

' ... and I think a lot of people are looking for an answer ... '

'Are there other people out there in the universe?'

'I'm the president of the UFOs ... and we sell a 3 million dollar ... '

' ... that is probadly so ... that we may never notice it.'

From the movie 'Contact'


Space Tribe - So Deep

'What if like we are these tiny little things, and we are just, like a part of this whole other huge universe, that is like so big that it dont even know that we exist.'

'Man this is so deep. '

From movie 'Antz'


Space Tribe - Solar Power


'Prepare your minds for a new state of physical scientific evaulation.'

'The total potential here must be nothing less than astronomical.'

'Speed up the synaptic flow.'

Space Tribe - Sonic Mandala

'This is the crop circle, cord, and its all 14 of these mesages combined in to a single cord that last for several seconds'

'I sometimes wish I have been blessed with multiple arms and legs.'


Space Tribe - Star Travellers

'The music just turns me on!'

'We are star travellers, and we come in peace'

'Do you feel that?' 'The weight?' 'Oh, no. The life. It's all over... all over my hands... just runs down my arm... I never saw that before. I never saw this before'

First one from a reggae record by Michael Prophet (Mikey Dread). Third one from movie 'The Trip'

The Trip

Space Tribe - Taking A Risk

'Going into unknown territory'

'Progress, new ideas, inventiveness, creativity. All of this, I believe,is related to taking a risk'

'I saw a flash'

'Somewhere, miles apart, a spark jumps. What triggers the transformation?'

Space Tribe - Tantra Mantra

'The flying saucer came down and took your friend outer space. '

Taken from movie 'Plan 9 from outer space'

Plan 9 from outer space

Space Tribe - Telepathic Contact

'Collective consciousness.'

'Make telepathic contact.'

From 'Star Trek - The Next Generation'

Star Trek - The Next Generation

Space Tribe - The First Trip

'... in rather dramatic way.'

'... for the first experiment, five times effective dose.'


'The reality is ... without an experiencing subject.'

Space Tribe - The Flower of Life

'There is no more reincarnation going on. This is our last life for eveybody. This is it.'

'Movement within the 4th dimension.'

'All biological lifeforms.... '

'The flower of life.'

Second from 'The Time Machine', rest may be from 'The Seventh Sign'

The Time Machine (1960)

Space Tribe - The Future is Right Now

'We're going to attempt time travel'

'The future's right now'

'I think you took a little too much LDS'

Second one from 'Escape From LA', others from 'Star Trek 4'

Escape From LA
Star Trek IV - The Voyage Home

Space Tribe - Think-K-K


Space Tribe - Ultrasonic Heartbeat

'We are connected like brother and syster, we move trought space together.'

'All the children ... can be very high emotional beings and when the time is right, the world is about to see something really remarkable take place, comming from the children of the Earth.'

Space Tribe - Unusual Phenomena

'We have encountered an unusual phenomena.'

'That's the sun in my hands, man! oh, it gives off an orange cloud of light that just flows right out of the sea.'

First one from 'Star Trek - Voyager' (Tuvok)

Star Trek - Voyager

Space Tribe - Waking Dreams

'... if this mission is successful, you will be first man to land on Mars.'

'Okey, way you go. Good luck.'


'I have a feeling that we may encounter life, as we dont know it.'

Space Tribe - What Is Consciousness

'What is consciousness? Consciousness is energy which is received and decoded by a physiological structure'

Space Tribe - Who's Nutty


'Who's nutty enough to do a thing like that?'

'I'll win, you'll see! I know it!'

'See you in hell, punks!

First three from 'Dastardly and Muttley'. Last one from Simpsons.

Dastardly and Muttley in Their Flying Machines

Space Tribe - You Can Be Shiva

'You can be Shiva. You can be Krishna. You can by anyone. You can be anything this time around'

Qoute from Timothy Leary

Space Tribe - You Create Your Own Reality

'The time has come, to lift the veil, from this illusion. To see things, as they really are! The time has come, for a new beginning. The time has come... so let go, let go, let go!'

'You create your own reality, you create your own reality, you create your own reality.'

'Find a guide, inside yourself, to lift your inner vision. And see yourself, as you really are! Time speeds up, accelerating evolution. The time has come... so wake up, wake up, wake up!'

'Try to relax.'

'Do not try and bend the spoon. That's impossible. Instead, only try to realize the truth. Then you'll see, that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself.'

'The world as it was at the end of the 20th century.'

Lyrics sung by Olli Wisdom, last three from movie 'Matrix'


Space Tribe - You Wanna Get High

'You wanna get high?'

'You just ate the most acid I've ever seen anybody eat in my life'

From 'Cheech & Chong's Up In Smoke'

Up in Smoke

Space Tribe & Safi Connection - Dinner With God (Remix)

'What if you thought a drug could sit you at the table with God.'

Space Tribe vs Electric Universe - The Acid Test


Space Tribe vs Safi Connection - Dinner with God (Remix)

'What If you thought that a drug could sit you at a table with God?'

'God! God! God!'

'Focus on the sensation of the capsules melting on the tongue'

'Physically, the sensation of touch increases.'

'Focus on the sensation of the capsules melting on the tongue'

'What If you thought that a drug could sit you at a table with God? would you take it? and would you share it with your children?'

Spacefish - Stardust


Spectral - Celtic Alchemy (Remix)

"...Nothing is true"

From movie 'Dune'


Spectrum - Made Contact

'... they made contact.'

'... travel with speed of light?'

Spiral Active - Burning Light

'The light that burns twice as bright burns out twice as fast, and yours has burned so very, very brightly.'

From the movie 'Blade Runner'

Blade Runner

Spiral Active Project feat. DJ Goblin - Grounded

"You and those before you have served us well"
"What is divine light?"

From the movie 'The Fifth Element'

The Fifth Element

Spiral Active Project feat. Har-El Prussky - Resistance is Futile

"Brave words"
"Resistance is futile"

Spirallianz - One Way LTD.

'You're obviously not in a professional state of mind.'

From the movie 'Naked Lunch'

Naked Lunch

Spirit Level - Unidentified Object


'Approach and identify.'

'Do you identify this object?'

Spiritual - Ride The Snake

'I promise you, I'll be with you until the end of time. Nothing can destroy our circle. Ride the snake'

From movie 'The Doors'

The Doors

Squaremeat - Pro Purenta

'You want the truth?! The truth?! You can't handle the truth!'

From 'Simpsons'


Sri Hari - Basically

'Basicly the length and ..., of the soul, 1/10000 ... very very small particle, almosty atomic in size.'

'Basicly he is my spiritual brother, one who is not envious of Krishna.'

Star Sound Orchestra - Return to the Force (Earth Day)

'white, ... , white tishue papper, blue wax, everything seems to be white, ooh, I'm dreaming about the white Christmas, angelhair is white, angel fruitcake is white, ... fruitcake is dark, and Marry had a little lam is white as snow, .. is the greatest as is the fact. If you are the greatest, you are just the greatest until proven wrong. Allah is the greatest, God is the greatest, I'm not the greatest.

Star Sound Orchestra - Washington


Strawberry Fields - Blississippi

Can you see ? the juice ? coming out ? this time of the year, it's the smell that's in the air, that perfumes the air everywhere and it has this nectar, that lives in that long throat that the bees and hummingbirds are flying in. And if you pull it out like that, you see - the liquid that comes out with it

Stress Assassin - Special Dish

'Smoke it, I'm gonna kill you! Honor! What's going on? Master chef, they say I put too much salt in the food! Too salty? ... It tastes alright. Is this the special dish? Special?!'

Sub 6 - Droid Save Da' Queen

"What did I hear you say droid?"'

"What's that? I'm right back where I started."

"Monokura, you startled me! Forgive me. That's wasn't.... Forgive me..... I..could not.... resist... What?....... what?.... what?...."

Sub 6 - On The Ground

on the ground, on the ground, on the ground[..]

[easy, easy]

i'm gonna live in the underground
no one can touch me, see me, if i'll die
'cause i'm a sinner! :]

Sub 6 feat. Michele Adamson - The 7th Son

beginning with an ending
people watch me as i go
not a thing that bothers me
somehow i'm bathed in glow
it may seem kinda breezy
but moving is my home
it gets kinda lonely
when you're always on the road

seventh son of a seventh son
who told me the way to be
now when i look he is smiling
winking as he waves at me
it may seem kinda breezy
but moving is my home
it gets kinda lonely
when you're always on the road

ferret out illusion
love the skin you're in
don't add to your confusion
let the light in
i find that I've been blinded
by an inkling of the truth
I'd love to take you with me
as i enjoy my youth

Sub Unity Nettwerk - Life Support System

'It's my mind.'

'Life support system.'

Sub Unity Nettwerk - Lost World


Sub6 - Ra he'ya

'Bad bad bad bad boy, go to my room and twiddle your thumbs til I come, don't have to think oh let's make some noise I'll let you bring all your toys.'

Subcouds - Space Angel

The high that proved too high, the heroic for earth too hard, The passion that left the ground to lose itself in the sky, Are music sent up to God.... Enough that he heard it once; we shall hear it by-and-by...

From 'Abt Vogler' by Robert Browning

SUN Project - 4-7 Days

'The DJs took pills to stay awake and play for 7 days.'

Its Jim Morrison from the song 'The Doors - Black Polished Chrome'

SUN Project - At the Edge of Time

'Standing at the edge of time.'

SUN Project - Deeper and Deeper

'Deeper and deeper into meditation - nowhere to go but inside.'

'The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new land, but in having new eyes.'

SUN Project - Looking for you

'Don't know if you are ready to see what I want to show you.'


From the movie 'Matrix'


SUN Project - Spaceships & Spacepeople


SUN Project - Transformation


Sundog - Touch the Sun

'Upwards, upwards, into the sky flying higher and higher until I feel like I could touch the Sun'

From the movie 'To Be Or Not To Be'

To Be Or Not To Be (1983)

Sungirl - Exiter (Final Version)

'I think... you're afraid of letting go. I think you're afraid of happiness. And this is starting to excite me.'

Sunkings - Starbuck (Juno Reactor Remix)


Sunkings - Tongues Of Fungus

You are ill, Davies, ill in mind
An old canker, to your kind
Peculiar, has laid waste the brain's
Potential richness in delight
And beauty; and your body grows
Awry like an old thorn for lack
Of the soil's depth; and sickness there
Uncurls slowly its small tongues
Of fungus that shall, thickening, swell
And choke you, while your few leaves
Are green still.

And so you work
In the wet fields and suffer pain
And loneliness as a tree takes
The night's darkness, the day's rain
While I watch you, and pray for you,
And so increase my small store
Of credit in the bank of God,
Who sees you suffer and me pray
And touches you with the sun's ray,
That heals not, yet blinds my eyes
And seals my lips as Job's were sealed
Imperiously in the old days.

SX - Cost Me


From the movie 'Mission Impossible 2'

Mission Impossible 2

Sync24 - Wake (Epilogue Edit)

'As I wake up, I find myself floating.'

Synchro - Alchoholiday

'He works it out it's eleven point three cycles.'

'wooah no way!'

Richard of TIP Records talking in car / Tresor screaming

Synchro - Born in california


Synchro - Cyborg

'Manufactured humans you can't tell from the real thing'

From the trailer for the movie 'Blade Runner'

Blade Runner

Synchro - Drugs (Hard)

'Can I get another drop of this?'

A lyric, voice by Amy Garcia

Synchro - Drugs And Babes

'Moving in... we got him!'

'This your first trip? Uh-huh. Well don't worry, things hardly ever fuck up around here'

'He going to remember any of this? Not a thing. Oh really?'

'Fire it up, doc!'

'See you at the party'

All samples from the movie 'Total Recall'

Total Recall

Synchro - Foxhunt

'Will you say something to me now?'

'I dont, I don't like this'

Recorded sample

Synchro - Next Stop Oblivion (Y2k Remix)

'What is it all about? Sometimes, you just can't get it right. Expectations. I used to be indecisive. Playing mindgames with myself. Just searching for my feelings. I don't like uncomfortable silences. I'm fed up with waiting for something to happen. You go from place to place not knowing. I have visions of disbelief. Dreaming with my eyes wide open. The mind tries to resist. Into the system! Satisfaction. Anxiety. Disengaged. Next Stop, Oblivion. I feel perfectly calm. Relaxed, peaceful. At ease with myself.'

A lyric, voice Zoe Jackson

Synchro - Power On

'Maybe it's the power trying to come back on.'

From the movie 'Jurassic Park'

Jurassic Park

Synchro - Science Friction

'They're away.'

'Is this the hottest thing or what?'

From movie 'Time Cop'


Synergy - The One Eye Man

"It's like my daddy used to say: In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king." @ 0:13

From the movie 'Minority Report'

Minority Report

Synthetic - The Mummy