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IMDB 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Chakra & Edi Mis - Liquid Troll

IMDB 2001 A Space Odyssey

B.L.T. - Monolith
Battle Of The Future Buddhas - Reversed Vertigo Complex
Juno Reactor - High Energy Protons
Klangstrahler Projekt - Extremly Well
Kopfuss Resonator - Reboot
Mindfly - Being Arrogant
Psycraft - A Song For You
Sandman - Bad News

IMDB 51st State

Meeloo vs Stuckbaz - Disco Biscuit
U-Reckon - Tripaganka
Vibe Tribe vs Ananda - 51 Times
X-Wave - Fucking rainbow
Xatrix & The Slug - Sic Science

IMDB A Boy And His Dog

Man With No Name - The Breech

IMDB Adaptation

Sensient - Lovely Bones

  Airplane II

Psysex - High Times

IMDB Alien 3

Xenomorph - Obscure Spectre (The Horror Trip Remix)

IMDB Alien Resurrection

Activate Morlack - Digital Balls Part 1
Damage - Happy Darkside

IMDB Aliens

Chi-A.D. - Monsters
Growling Mad Scientists - Rollercoaster
Infected Deedrah - My Mommy Said
Infected Mushroom - Dream Theater
Ouija - Infectious

IMDB Altered States

Hallucinogen - Shamanix
Prana - Alien Pets
Shakta & Ping Pong - Between the Nothing

IMDB American Psycho

Twisted Allstars - Blue Sky on Mars

IMDB An Affair To Remember

Battle of the Future Buddhas - Scoobydoo meets The Fluff Monster

IMDB Andromeda

Solar Brotherhood - Poseidon


Space Tribe - So Deep

IMDB Apocalypse Now

Arcana - Orion
Deviant Electronics - Viral Spiral

IMDB Arlington Road

Purple Buddah - Remote

IMDB Artificial Intelligence: AI

Delirious - Dynamic Force
Talamasca - Speaking Robot

IMDB Austin Powers in Goldmember

Mumbo Jumbo - Brad

IMDB Babylon 5

Infected Mushroom - After a thousand years
Infected Mushroom - Devil
Sandman - Shockwave
Witchcraft - Magic frequencies

  Back to the future

Klopfgeister - Riders Of The Eucalypse

IMDB Batman

Battle of The Future Buddhas - Domestic Bliss

IMDB Batman & Robin

Infected Mushroom - Psycho (Live Mix)

IMDB Batman Forever

Chakra - Brain in the Box

IMDB Battlestar Galactica

Shakta - Out Of Sight

IMDB Bicentennial Man

Central Processing Unit - Positronic

IMDB Blade

Audialize vs Suria - Elastic Mutants (Remix)

IMDB Blade Runner

Alien Project vs Astrix - Genetic Eyes
Artifakt - Eye
Bass Chakra - Mycetozoa 304046 Mix
E.S.X.S. - Electrik Flower (E.S.X.S. Remix)
Enterprise - Orange
Klangstrahler Projekt - Nexus
Narcissus Project - Dharma
Pigs In Space - Visitors
Silicon Sound - Nexus 6
Slide - First Contact
Spiral Active - Burning Light
Synchro - Cyborg

IMDB Blazing Saddles

Exotonic - Creative Alternative


1200 Mics - Ecstasy
Earthling - Pagan Poetry
Etnica - Dervish (Wasted Remix)
Shift - No More Humans

IMDB Blue Velvet

Aztec - Outer Breath

IMDB Blues Brothers

Electro Nation - The Trance Brothers
Tegma - Thunder-Blade

IMDB Brasseye

Younger Brother - Magic Monkey Juice

IMDB Bruce Almighty

Electro Sun - Vanilla

IMDB Cable Guy

GMS - Medievil times

  Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Prometheus & Lucas - Nerve Centre

IMDB Cheech & Chong's Nice Dreams

Ra - Universal Key

IMDB Chronicles of Riddick

Shiva - Slick Shit Killer

IMDB Clockwork Orange

Sesto Sento - Ray of Medication
X-Dream - Psychomachine

IMDB Close Encounters of the Third Kind

S-Range - Test Tones


Blanka - Infinity

IMDB Collateral Damage

Beat Hackers - System Error

IMDB Communion

Akasha - Beings from Another World

IMDB Conan the Barbarian

Triptych - Celtych

IMDB Contact

Absolum - Sweet Little Wild
Bio Tonic - Space Vibes
Cyan - CQ
Etnica - Vega
Infected Mushroom - Intelligate
Infected Mushroom - Small Moves
Pixel & Silent Sphere - Smart Planet
Space Tribe - Out there in the Universe
Xerox & Freeman - Are We Happy?
Yahel - Last man in the Universe


Beat Bizarre - Monochrome
Night Creatures - Esc
Psycraft - Muse
Skazi - Storm
Xerox & Psycraft - Adrenalin Rush

IMDB Cube 2 - Hypercube

Gataka - Combina
Protoculture - Hallusignorita

IMDB Cypher

Mandylion - Topsick

IMDB Dances with Wolves

Hallucinogen - Solstice (Remix)

IMDB Dark City

Dark Soho - Suckobus
Etnica - Mind Altering Drugs
Midrange Freedom Fighters - Dark City Slickers
Psysex & GMS - Imprint
Talamasca feat. Xerox & Domestic - Strangers
Xerox - Tune In

IMDB Dastardly and Muttley in Their Flying Machines

Green Nuns of the Revolution - Klunk
Space Tribe - Who's Nutty

IMDB Dawn Of The Dead (2004)

Ananda Shake - Caution!

  Demolition Man

Penta - Looking Great

IMDB Destination Moon

Man With No Name - Possessed

IMDB Dialogues With Madwomen

The Delta - As a Child I could Walk on the Ceiling
The Delta - Pop
X-Dream - Out of Your Control
X-Dream - Radio

  Die Hamletmaschine

Ester Brinkmann - Maschine

IMDB Dogma

Dali - Planet

  Don't Say A Word

Skazi & Cpu - Highest Party

IMDB Donnie Darko

Antix - Darko
Triptych - Accelerator (Paradise Mix)
Vibrasphere - Seven days to daylight

IMDB Dr Who and the Daleks

Quirk - Robotised

IMDB Dracula

Infected Mushroom - Dracul
Lish - Dead Yet?
Magic Spirit - Inoian Spirit

IMDB Dragonball Z

Dark Nebula - Death Star

IMDB Duckman

Astrix - Solaris
Cosmosis - Stormy Monday
Cosmosis - The Ultimate Sin
Liquis Space - In Wonderland


Astral Projection - Ambient Galaxy
Astral Projection - Dancing Galaxy
Astral Projection - Dancing Galaxy (Dynamic Remix)
Astral Projection - No One Ever Dreams
Astral Projection - Soundform
Astral Projection - The Sleeper must awake
Dark Entity - Get Out
Darshan - Awaken
Future Sound Of London - Moscow
Hiscore Xor - True Freedom
Intergalactic - Rachel
Juno Reactor - Rotorblade
Logic Bomb - Son of Satan
Phreaky - The Second Moon
Quietman - The Sleeper (Man With No Name remix)
Sorcerer - Mental Trip
Spectral - Celtic Alchemy (Remix)
Talamasca - Brain Activity
Talamasca - Robotic Planet

IMDB Dune, Miniseries (2000)

Ananda Shake - Wonderland (Album Version)

IMDB Dungeons & Dragons

Gappeq - Birth Of The Dragon

IMDB Earth vs. the Flying Saucers

Animate FX - Trance Mission
The Infinity Project - Wow

IMDB Easy Rider

Abakus - Nightwalker
Fabel - Relic Raiders
Kopfuss Resonator - Scheckel Waves
Liquis Space - In Wonderland
Saiko-Pod - Magnetic Force
Slinky Wizard - People Like Us

IMDB Ed Wood

Juno Reactor - Children Of The Night

IMDB End of Days

Growling Mad Scientists - Genetic Monster
Talamasca - Come on

IMDB Enter the Dragon

Younger Brother - The Finger

IMDB Equilibrium

Astrix & DJ Highguy - Chaos
Blanka - Future Delay

IMDB Escape from Absolom

Cydonia - Animals
Zodiac Youth - Mr. Redeemer

IMDB Escape From LA

Space Tribe - The Future is Right Now

IMDB Event Horizon

12 Moons - Zero Gravity
Alien Project - Artificial Beings
Alien Project - Aztechno Dream
Alien Project - D.J. Where Are You?
Alien Project - D.J. Where Are You? (Beat Hackers Remix)
Astrix & Atomic Pulse - Scientific Reality
Xerox - Gravity Waves
Yahel - For the People

IMDB Evil Dead

E.S.X.S. - Creeps & Craps (To Mob)

IMDB Excalibur

Infected Mushroom - Disco Mushroom
Psyside - Excalibur, I Call On Your Power!

IMDB eXistenZ

Bent Sentient - Coursing Through My Brain

IMDB Exorcist 2 - The Heretic

Future Sound Of London - Dirty Shadows

IMDB Family Guy

Exaile - I Want Freedom

IMDB Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas

1200 Mics - Mescaline
Central Processing Unit - Haight Street Freak
Cyber Cartel - Play Time
Lish - Kakvo Iskach
Mekkanikka - The Dr. is In
Menog - Acid Trip (Remix)
Niebla del Mar - Ginger beer
Psydrop - Fear and Loathing
Psysex - L.S.Dance
Soulflyer - Real Social
Space Buddha - Storm reaction
Space Tribe - Know Your Dopefiend
Vibe Tribe - Devils Apple

IMDB Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Kayseri - Electric

IMDB Fight Club

Black and White - Streets Of Venus
Infected Mushroom - Roll Us a Giant
Mumbo Jumbo - Speaking In Tongues
Psyside - Run After Sleep
Skazi - Are You Still There?
Skazi - Pissed off
Skazi - Slide

IMDB Final Fantasy

Chromosome - Chill Thrill Troopers
Echotek - Sick Of It All
Sonicsurfers - P.O.D. (Talamasca Remix)

IMDB First Knight

MFG - Born Into New Life

IMDB Flash Gordon

Juno Reactor - Luna-tic

IMDB Forbidden Planet

Blue Planet Corporation - Apex
Shpongle - Shpongleyes

IMDB Frankenstein

Total Eclipse - Waiting for a New Life
Total Eclipse - Waiting for a New Life

IMDB From Beyond

Empirion - Narcotic Influence II

IMDB Full Metal Jacket

Trauma - Step Off

IMDB Futurama

Cyrus The Virus - Access Denied
Electro Nation - The Trance Brothers
Kindzadza - What's In The Box
Logic Bomb - Computers and Microprocessors
Rinkadink - Anyone Seen Bender?
Rinkadink - Broken Collaboration
Shift - Oxygen
Tamlin - Upside Out

IMDB Gangs of New York

Beat Hackers - Cut Down
Dynamic - Dynamix (Remix)

IMDB Gattaca

Midi Miliz - Rent-a-plant

IMDB Ghost

Eat Static - Destiny

IMDB Ghost Busters 2

Growling Mad Scientists - 1.3 Crumbs
Mindfield - VD Massacre

IMDB Ghost Dog

Downhill - Ed Lab
Infected Mushroom - BP Empire

IMDB Ghost In The Shell

Anjin - Liveform
Astrix - Visions
Ion - Kimono
Psyside - 3 Dimensional Life Form

IMDB Ghosts of Mars

Biodegradable - Risky Rotorblade
Silicon Sound - Digital thought

IMDB Girl Interrupted

A.X.L - Dr L.S.D. (Remix)

IMDB Gladiator

GMS - Gladiator
Space Tribe - Echoes In Eternity


Sesto Sento - Ray of Medication

  Gone in 60 seconds

Data Entry - The Wall

IMDB Grand Theft Auto 2

Infected Mushroom - The Gathering

  Grand Theft Auto Vice City

Leppy - Vector Connector

IMDB Grass

1200 Mics - Marijuana

IMDB Gullivers Travels

Chi-A.D. - Astral Warrior

IMDB Gun Shy

Dino Psaras - The Eyes

IMDB Hackers

Herbal Essence - From the sky
MFG - Experience
MFG - Feel Like God (New Version)

  Half Baked

Guinea Pigs - Crowd Control

IMDB Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone

Liquid Space - Scary Inclusive


Dimension 5 - Deep Space 5D
Lunar Asylum - We know Nothing


Molecular - Feel The Heat
Molecular - Feel the heat

IMDB Hellraiser 2: Hellbound

Azax Syndrom - Lord Of The Labyrinth
Juno Reactor - Labyrinth
Psysex - Puzzle

IMDB Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

Scorb - Psycore

IMDB Hollow Man

Talamasca - Insanity

IMDB Human Traffic

GMS - Spliffpolitics
Psydrop - Fantasy Seeds
Skazi - XTC
Space Buddha - Dust In The Wind
Tortured Brain - The Raver

IMDB I Robot

Alternative Control vs Freaked Frequency - Day Alone
Brain Damage - Ghost in the machine
Lamat - Ghost In The Machine
Lish - Life Stream

IMDB In Dreams

Infected Mushroom - Anyone Else But Me
Infected Mushroom - Disco Mushroom
Infected Mushroom - Scotch

IMDB In the Line of Fire

Moodsyne - Niwin

IMDB Independence Day

Cyan - Alien (Peacefull mix)
Dimension 5 - Psychic Influence
Etnica - Be On Go
Etnica - Funkadelia
Etnica - Merkaba
Infected Mushroom - Release Me
Miraculix - Stop Them!

IMDB Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Xenomorph - Apocalyptic Ritual

IMDB Innerspace

Klangstrahler Projekt - Savoy

IMDB Interview with a vampire

Exotery Space - Dracula
Exotery Space - Sun in Space
Magic Spirit - Inoian Spirit
MFG - Desert Sun


Penta - Eater of Worlds

IMDB Jacob's Ladder

Etnica - Mind Altering Drugs

IMDB James Bond - Die Another Day

Lucy in Space with Diamonds - Diamonds and Dreams
Mike A - PM Kabbesa

IMDB Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back

Grapes of Wrath - The Clit Commander (Insane Behavior Rmx)

IMDB Jumanji

Frogacult - We Sell Shivas

IMDB Jurassic Park

Synchro - Power On

IMDB Jurassic Park III

Dynamic - Genetic Engineers


Kemic-Al - Peace On Earth (Remix)
Logic Bomb - Future Uncertain
Mr Peculiar vs Menog - Beach

IMDB Kalifornia

Astral Projection - People can Fly
Astral Projection - People Can Fly (Alien Project Remix)

IMDB Kill Bill vol 1

Azax Syndrom - Shinjitzu
Fine Diner - Go Go Yubari
N3xu5 - Ladykiller
Pardigma - Isolated

IMDB Labyrinth (1986)

Ion - Goblin city

  Last Hippie Standing

Naked Tourist - One Piece

IMDB Lethal Weapon

Shiva Shidapu - Diffusion

IMDB Liquid Sky

B(if)tek - Quite a World

IMDB Little Man Tate

Shakta - Lepton Head part III

IMDB Little Nicky

Blisargon Demogorgon - 15 minutes

IMDB Little Women

Darshan - Tranceformations

IMDB Loaded Weapon

Tripteaser - Hallucination Nation (Remix)

IMDB Local Hero

Juno Reactor - High Energy Protons

IMDB Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring

Alien Project - The Ring
Cosmic Fools - Be Yourself
Logic Bomb - Drop By Anytime
Loopiter - I know what it is

IMDB Lord Of The Rings : The Two Towers

Hydrogen - Could It Be


Talamasca - My destiny

IMDB Lost Highway

Xenomorph - Torrent of Insanity

IMDB Lost in Space

Hyper Frequencies - Robotomix
Polar Drops - Tribal
Power Source - Hyperspace

  Lost In Translation

Frogacult - That Day In December

IMDB Lost Souls

Infected Mushroom - Noisemaker

IMDB Luminous Motion

Space Buddha - Lost In Infinity

IMDB Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

GMS - No Rules

  Man On Fire

Orbital Vision - Blackout

IMDB Manhunter

Hydrogen - Never Out Of Control

IMDB Mars Attacks!

Juno Reactor - Nitrogen Pt. I
Midi Miliz - Flip
Yahel - Intelligent Life

IMDB Mars Needs Women

Doof - Mars needs women

IMDB Matrix

1200 Mics - DMT
Absolum - Drumatrix
Absolum - Orange
Astral Projection - Anything is Possible
Atmos - Osmos Kosmos
Blue Planet Corporation - Blue Pill
Brain Waves - Black Cat
California Sunshine - Dejavu
DNA - Analyzer
Growling Mad Scientists & Infected Mushroom - Arabian Knight on Mescaline
Insane Creation - Manishma
Klopfgeister - Traumpatrouille
Luminus - Anything can happen
MFG - Wonderland
Mumbo Jumbo - Fishbone (Remix)
Psyside - Narcotrip
S.U.N. Project - Looking For You
Space Fish - Das Konstrukt
Space Tribe - You Create Your Own Reality
SUN Project - Looking for you
Yahel - The Only Way

IMDB Matrix Reloaded

Killer Buds - Superman
Time Lock - Overpass

IMDB Me, Myself and Irene

Alien Project - One Good

IMDB Memento

Melicia - Smash
Psycraft - Memory Flash
Sensient - Blissbomb

IMDB Men in Black

Kemic-Al - Klassic-Al

IMDB Men In Black II

Atomic Pulse feat. Perplex - I Know What I Saw
Electro Nation - The Trance Brothers

IMDB Merlin (1998)

Infected Mushroom - Merlin
Infected Mushroom - Mush Mushi
Infected Mushroom - The Shen

IMDB Minority Report

GMS vs Space Tribe - Alternate Future
Synergy - The One Eye Man

IMDB Mission Impossible 2

Cosma - Nonstop
Cosma - People On Hold
SX - Cost Me

IMDB Mission to Mars

Psysex - On A Mission

IMDB Mortal Kombat

Logic Bomb - Psychedelic Pollution

  Mulholland Drive

Leppy - Vector Connector

IMDB Murder by Death

Sandman - Flight Or Fight

IMDB My Cousin Vinny

Zodiac - Effective Signal

IMDB Naked

Xenomorph - Apocalyptic Ritual

IMDB Naked Lunch

Spirallianz - One Way LTD.
Xenomorph - Obscure Spectre (The Horror Trip Remix)

IMDB Natural Born Killers

Hydro Generator - Philosophy

IMDB Nausicaa of the Valley of the Winds

Infected Mushroom - Mamooshka

IMDB Night of the Creeps

Mudspirit - Wormhole

IMDB Night of the living dead

Exaile - Let Loose

IMDB Nightbreed

Asia 2001 - Dreamland
Asia 2001 - The Last Survivors
Dimension 5 - Tribes of the Moon

IMDB Ninja Scroll

Dynamic - Animated
Entropy - Empty Handed (Remix)
Pablo Gargano - The Stranger

IMDB Nixon

Raia - Twilled

IMDB Office Space

Alegria - Wicked Chicks

IMDB On Deadly Ground

Chi-A.D. - Sacred Vision

IMDB One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Twisted Allstars - Blue Sky on Mars

IMDB One Hour Photo

Kemic-Al - Peace On Earth (Remix)

IMDB Outbreak

Inscape - Atlantis
Xenomorph - Nevrotoxin

IMDB Paycheck

Echotek - A Living Monitor


B.L.T. & Danni Makov - Patterns Of...
Earthling - Patterns
Perfect Stranger & Pena - Ode ao sol
Wizzy Noise - No Results

  Pink Floyd - The Movie

Nomad - Day One

IMDB Pitch Black

Activate Morlack - Digital Balls Part 1

IMDB Plan 9 from outer space

Brainman - Extra World
Brainman - Fluoro Brain
Space Tribe - Tantra Mantra

IMDB Planet of the Apes

Battle of the Future Buddhas - Madhouse
Etnica - Nice Toy
Etnica - The Beast Man
Pleiadians - Jungle Trax

IMDB Platoon

Insane Behavior - Fix The Fluff

IMDB Poltergeist

Darshan - The Beast

  Predator 2

Element Over Nature - Millennium Surface

IMDB Prince Of Darkness

Space Monkey - Distorted Reality
Space Monkey - Flash-Daddy

IMDB Princess Mononoke

Azax Syndrom - Unclouded Eyes
Penta - Disgusting Creatures
Space Monkey - Digital Illusions

IMDB Pulp Fiction

Christof and DJ Mael - KLM
GMS feat. Chicago - The Gimp
Megalopsy - Juggling spheres
Megalopsy - Zacatlocozipitl
Miranda - Disco
Mystica - Ashes to Ashes
Natinel - Irritated
Sesto Sento - Alchemistica
Sound Mekkanikka - Chill Dat Beach Out

IMDB Red Planet

Kopsses - Doo-Z-Ness
Psysex - Smooth Sailing
Psysex - Soda Pop

IMDB Reefer Madness

Alien Project - Skunk
Eat Static - Habi Beep

IMDB Repo Man

Future Sound Of London - It`s My Mind That Works

IMDB Requiem for a Dream

GMS - Juice by GMS
Hujaboy - Virtual Anal (og)

  Reservoir Dogs

Tikal - Mr. Pink

IMDB Resident Evil

Dynamo - Spun Dry
Kemic-Al - Piskumany
Kemic-Al - Z-Zora
Psy Tekk - Sub Conscious
Space Monkey - Resident evil

IMDB Road Trip

Tryambaka - 150 Fucking Good Reasons


Astral Projection - Enlightened Evolution

IMDB Roswell (1994)

Etnica - Vimana


Jahbo - Hashed
Shift vs Abomination - Burn

IMDB Scanners

Xenomorph - Telepathic Combat

IMDB Sensless

GMS - Overdose


Xenomorph - Sociopath

IMDB Shawshank Redemption

Freaky - Tornado

IMDB Shrek

Astrix & DJ Highguy - Chaos
GMS - Shrek

  Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri

Intergalactic - Armstrong
Logic Bomb - Sub Atomic

IMDB Simpsons

Fluffy Puppy - How many beers
Fractal Glider - Chasing Ganesha
Growling Mad Scientists - Slow motion
Guinea Pigs - How To Get By In The U.S.
Klopfgeister - The day after
Mumbo Jumbo - Weird , Sick, Twisted
Penta - Past Holidays
Psyside - Krusty Burger with Cheese
Shpongle - The Nebbish Route
Space Tribe - Who's Nutty
Squaremeat - Pro Purenta

  Sin City

Guinea Pigs - Goodbye Sanity
Penta - Non-Profit

IMDB Singles (1992)

MFG - Maya Moon

IMDB Slacker

Atmos - Medical Trauma

  Sleepy Hollow

Psydrop - Mindfields


Dimension 5 - Harmonic Convergence

IMDB Snatch

Hujaboy - Nemesis

  So I Married an Axe Murderer

Green House Effect - Superfly

IMDB Solarbabies

Future Sound Of London - 1 in 8

IMDB South Park

Alien Project - Skunk
Cosmosis and Shakta - Visitors
Psysex - The Evil Turkeys
Shakta - Kick The Baby

IMDB Space Is The Place

Power Source - Goaway
Power Source - Skywalker
Space Monkey - Flash-Daddy

IMDB Spaceballs

GMS - Hyperactive

IMDB Species

Miranda - Phenomena
Penta - Leave A Message
UX - Chrysalis
Yahel - DNA

IMDB Species 2

Infected Mushroom - Bust a move

IMDB Speed

Logic Bomb - Two brains


Narcissus Project - Pleasure Circuit

  Star Trek

Arcturus - 1000 Planets
Cosmosis - Cannabonoid
Liquid Space - Rendered Dreams

IMDB Star Trek - The Next Generation

Alphanaut - Neurozap
Astral Projection - Flying into a Star
Astral Projection - The Feelings
Dimension 5 - Limitless Dimension
E-Chip - Stargazer
Kinetic ATOM - Impossible Trigger
Lunar Asylum - Water Margin
Man With No Name - Voices
Montauk P - Turn The Page
Noosphere - The Beyond
Omputer - Space Midi
Prana - Future space travellers
Space Tribe - Beyond the Subatomic
Space Tribe - Mass Hysteria
Space Tribe - Telepathic Contact
The Infinity Project - Cybertropic
The Infinity Project - Noises from the Darkness
The Infinity Project - Telepathy
Xatrik - Specify Procedure

IMDB Star Trek - Voyager

Four Carry Nuts - Pendulum (Mandylion Remix)
Perplex - Fast Moves
Space Tribe - God's Chosen People
Space Tribe - Unusual Phenomena

IMDB Star Trek I - The Motion Picture

Astral Projection - Tryptomine Dream
Shiva Chandra - Creator (Remix)

IMDB Star Trek II - Wrath Of Khan

MFG - Project Genesis

IMDB Star Trek III - The Search for Spock

Doof - Born Again

IMDB Star Trek IV - The Voyage Home

Miranda - Aquarium
Penta - Lost In Space
Space Tribe - The Future is Right Now

IMDB Star Trek VI - Undiscovered Country

Infected Mushroom - Return of the Shadows
MFG - Life Is A Strange Journey
Yahel - Last man in the Universe

IMDB Star Trek VII - Generations

Acan & Alpha - Emotion
Alpha vs Volldampf - E-Chip
Astral Projection - Nexus
MFG - Magnetic Activity
MFG - To Eternity
Noosphere - More

IMDB Star Trek VIII - First Contact

Etnica - Ashtronauts
Etnica - History
Etnica - Resistance
Etnica - Warriors
Miranda - Magnetic Levitation
Shiva Shidapu - Equilibrium

IMDB Star Trek X - Nemesis

Electric Universe - Acidance

  Star Wars

Holy Men - War and Peace
Shiva Shidapu - Power of the dark side
Tandu - New Aura

IMDB Star Wars - Episode 1

Biodegradable - Biomagnetic Podes
SBK - Morgenlatte

  Star Wars - Episode 3

Kerosene Club - Execute Order 66

IMDB Star Wars - Episode II: Attack of the clones

Drumatik - Spacecraft Pt.II
Miraculix - Reactor
Silicon Sound - Seismic Charge

IMDB Star Wars - Episode IV: A New Hope

Tandu - New Aura

IMDB Star Wars - Return of the Jedi

Bamboo Forest - Infinity


Reefer Decree - Dirty Chip

IMDB Starman

Kox Box - Insect & Insect Bite

IMDB Starship Troopers

Reefer Decree - Psychic Substances

IMDB Stigmata

Mindfly - God's Own Glow
Psyside - Signs From Beyond

IMDB Stir of Echoes

S-Range - Out of Range (Noma's Morning Glory mix)
Skazi - Animal
Xerox & Freeman vs Liquid Metal - In My Brain

IMDB Strange Days

Brighton Trash Department - Costa Del Goa
Darshan - Black Magic
Logic Bomb - Kilobyte Bandit
Xenomorph - Dawn Of Wisdom (Radiowar Remix)
Xenomorph - Killer State

IMDB Super Mario Bros

Psychaos - Intellect

IMDB Supernova

Psyside - 3 Dimensional Life Form

IMDB Suspiria

Frequency Surfer - Suspiria

IMDB Swordfish

Safi Connection - Beyond your world

IMDB Terminator 2

Ananda Shake - Wrong Answer
Ananda Shake - Wrong Answer
Element Over Nature - Millennium Surface
Klopfgeister - How to become a psychic

IMDB The 10th Kingdom

Infected Mushroom - Roll Us a Giant

IMDB The 13th Floor

Psycraft - Bizarre (Remix)

IMDB The 51st state

Orion - Si State

IMDB The 6th Day

Skazi - Alive

IMDB The Abyss

Shpongle - Shpongleyes
Slinky Wizard - Lunar Juice

IMDB The Animatrix

Melicia - Running Out Of Time (1200 Mics Remix)
Optokoppler - In to the system

  The Beyond Within: The Rise and Fall of LSD

Hallucinogen - Demention
Hallucinogen - LSD
Hallucinogen - LSD (World Sheet Of Closed String Mix)
Hallucinogen - LSD Remix
The Infinity Project - Mystical Experiences

IMDB The Big Lebowsky

El Audio - Aqua April
Wizzy Noise - Different Thoughts

IMDB The Black Hole

GMS - Black Hole

  The Brain From Planet Arous

Multiplex - Twisted Tale

IMDB The Caveman's Valentine

Melicia - Smash

IMDB The Cell

Earthling - The Catalyst
Lish - Demons
Phonatic - Pass Through
S-Range - Microship 23

IMDB The City of Lost Children

Technossomy - V.T.O.L (Full Length)

IMDB The Core

Hydrogen - Electro Magnetic Field
Hydrogen - We Know

IMDB The Craft

Psysex - Experimental Procedure

IMDB The Crow

Talamasca - Psychedelic Knights

IMDB The Crow II

Infected Mushroom - None of this is real

IMDB The Day The Earth Stood Still

Analog Pussy - Fight to Trance
Bio Tonic - Bio-Thing
Biologic - Maverixx
Brain XL - Rodeo Driver
The Infinity Project - Another Planet

IMDB The Devil's Advocate

Ananda Shake - Old School
Intergalactic - Space Tour
Psysex - The Evil Turkeys
Violet Vision - Divine Conflict

IMDB The Doors

Juno Reactor - Feel the Universe
Klangstrahler Projekt - Multidifferent
Sesto Sento - Dive To Drive
Spiritual - Ride The Snake
Zodiac Youth - Fast Forward the Furure

IMDB The Exorcist

Xenomorph - Obscure Spectre (The Horror Trip Remix)

IMDB The Fifth Element

Beat Hackers - Wave Form
Cosmosis - Creature From Outer Space
D.S.L. - Big Bala Boom
Darkpsy - Mutants
Dynamic - Dynamix (Remix)
Electrypnose - The Key Of Life
Spiral Active Project feat. DJ Goblin - Grounded

IMDB The Fly

Chakra & Avi - Insignificant Form Of Life
Entropy - Time & Space
Man With No Name - Teleport

IMDB The fortress

UX - Dominion

IMDB The Frighteners

Weirdo Beardo - Vs. Skippy

  The Graduate

Artifakt - Plastic

IMDB The Grinch

Sesto Sento - Freakshow

IMDB The Hours

Ananda Shake - Banana Banji

IMDB The Incredible Shrinking Man

The Infinity Project - The Answer

IMDB The Invasion Of The Bodysnatchers

Shakta - Solar Nomads
Shakta - Spaceflowers (Dirty Guitar Mix)

IMDB The Island of Dr. Moreau

Infected Mushroom - Over Mode
Infected Mushroom - Overload (Deedrah Remix)
Infected Mushroom - Tommy The Bat

  The Jacket

Gataka - Triping Out

IMDB The Lawnmower Man

Cosmosis - Reality Check
MFG - Overload

IMDB The Lawnmower Man 2

Miranda - Gnocchi

IMDB The Mummy

Wizzy Noise - Acid level 33

IMDB The Mummy Returns

Melicia - Grip

IMDB The Name Of The Rose

Great Leap Forward - In Name Of The Super Natural

IMDB The Net

Todra - Runaway

IMDB The Omega Code

Psydrop - Mind Refund

  The Omen

Artifakt - 6

IMDB The One

Protoculture - New Directions
S-Range - The One
Wrecked Machines - Vida Loca

IMDB The Outer Limits

Astral Projection - 1.000.000 Years from Today
MFG - Experience

  The Princess Bride

Benza - The Collector

IMDB The Punisher

MFG - Why?

IMDB The Recruit

Space Monkey - Distorted Reality

IMDB The Right Stuff

Juno Reactor - Man To Ray

IMDB The Rocky Horror Picture Show

MFG - Life Is A Strange Journey
Mindfield - Life is an Illusion

IMDB The Salton Sea

Dino Psaras feat. Raz - Perpetual Night Party
The Antidote - Three Days

IMDB The Sixth Sense

Alien Project - DNA (Remix)
Transmotion - Ultraviolet

IMDB The Ten Commandments

Juno Reactor - God is god

IMDB The Thin Red Line

MFG - Dark waters

IMDB The Time Machine (1960)

Cyclics - Movement Within the 4th Dimension
Freq - Time Stretcher
Space Tribe - The Flower of Life

IMDB The Trip

Dimension 5 - Flow
Space Tribe - Star Travellers

  The Twilight Zone

Space Monkey - Flash-Daddy

IMDB The Usual Suspects

Chi-A.D. - Monsters

IMDB The War Of The Worlds

Encens - Venus Zen
Talamasca - Alien Tribe

IMDB The Wizard of Oz

Benza - Isis and Osiris
Slinky Wizard - The Wizard

  The Wolf Man

Dark Soho - Depth of Emotion
Growling Mad Scientists - Dirty Harry

IMDB Thir13en Ghosts

Digital Tribe - Kilimanjaro


Krumelur - Mindblock and Arrest
Man With No Name - Neurotunnel
Snug as a Bug - Big Block (Remix)

IMDB Timecop

Synchro - Science Friction

IMDB Titan A.E

Dark Nebula - Death Star
Talamasca - Brain Activity

IMDB Titanic

Diablo - Hop she goes

IMDB To Be Or Not To Be (1983)

Sundog - Touch the Sun

IMDB Tomb Raider

Melicia - Running Out Of Time

IMDB Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)

Infected Mushroom - The Missed Symphony

IMDB Total Recall

GMS - I'm On Mars
Power Course - Open Mind
RA - Sirius
Synchro - Drugs And Babes
Unnatural Oforia - White Holes
Younger Brother - Safety Zone

IMDB Twelve monkeys

Darshan - Warped Dimension
Enertopia - Oh Nurse Over Ring
Eskimo & Cycle Sphere - 13 Monkeys
Faktor-D - D-Manufactured
Liquis Space - Lunatic Asylum
Mindfield - Space
Miranda - Anxiety
Narcissus Project - Crystal Clear
Quirk - Institute
Xenomorph - Cassandras Nightmare
Xerox & Freeman - Virus Hunter

  Twin Peaks

Zaikabeat - Local Mushrooms

IMDB Twin Peaks - Fire Walk With Me

Artifakt - IS.EA.ID
Derango - The Arm
Snug as a Bug - Margonzilla

IMDB Twister

Astrix - Solaris

IMDB Unbreakable

Cosma - We Are The Same
Lisch - Wind Pipe

IMDB Under Suspicion

Astrix & Atomic Pulse - Optical Vibes

IMDB Underworld

Alternative Control - Sub Marine
Azax Syndrom & Toxic - Rain
Hydrogen - Upcoming Danger
Intelabeam vs Slider - Sirius Problem

IMDB Up in Smoke

Lunar Asylum - Reefer Madness
Space Tribe - You Wanna Get High

IMDB V - The Original Miniseries

Psysex - Come in peace

  V for Vendetta

Azax Syndrom vs Tube - My November
Guinea Pigs - Don't Be A Puppet

IMDB Vanilla Sky

Atomic Pulse vs DJ Dede - I'm Real
Killer Buds - Another World
Melicia - Magic Stick
Rumble Pack - Simulated Roadmap

IMDB Vertical Limit

Alien Project - The First Revelation (Part One)

IMDB Videodrome

Digitalis - Figments of Reality (Funkopath Remix)
Doof - Try
Psychaos - Perception of Reality
Shakta - Brainwash Nation

IMDB Virtuosity (1995)

Infected Mushroom - Acid Killer
Miranda - Real Rush

IMDB Virus

Psysex - Dominatrix
Psysex - Survival Kit (Koopa Troopa's Dub Mix)
Psysex - Survival Kit (Sub 6 Remix)

IMDB Waking Life

1200 Mics - Acid for Nothing
Atomic Pulse - Robotnico
Melicia - Experience
Melicia - Illusion Quest
Pixel - Happy Lepsia
Shpongle - Botanical Dimensions
Talamasca - Brain Activity
Talamasca - Odyssey

IMDB Wallace & Gromit : The Wrong Trousers

Zebra-N - Man On A Mission

IMDB Warlock 2

Xenomorph - Abominations
Xenomorph - Hexenkessel

  What the #$*! Do We (K)now!?

The Nommos - Nameless

  What the Bleep Do We Know!?

Atomic Pulse feat. Ta-Ka - Kuromatic

IMDB Wild Wild West

Infected Mushroom - Red Filter

IMDB Willow

Kayseri - Electric

IMDB Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Dark Nebula - Vulcanized in Rubber
Kayseri - It's Alive
Logic Bomb - The Third Revelation
Mr Peculiar - Charlies Trip

IMDB Withnail & I

Younger Brother - Safety Zone

IMDB Woodstock

The Infinity Project - When Sound Becomes Colour

  Woodstock Festival 1969

Total Eclipse - A little bit of heaven

IMDB X-Files

Chi-A.D. - Healing Magic
Chi-A.D. - Shadow Spirit
Children of the Doc - Police 106 (Goblin Rmx)
Cosmosis - Telepathy
Growling Mad Scientists - Addiction
MFG - Experience
MFG - Peaceful Relaxation
Mumbo Jumbo - Gyro-Pyro
Nada - Transparent Future
Navajo - Freak Zone
Necton - This Is Weird
Psychaos - Intellect
Psysex - Flying Saucers
Shiva Shidapu - Prince of the Dolls
Skazi - Stealing My Memories

IMDB X-Files - Fight The Future

Chronos - Self Overcoming
Schizophrenic Society - Word Salads


Audialize vs Suria - Elastic Mutants (Remix)
Cosma - Human Evolution
GMS vs Talamasca - Mutation
Hujaboy - Shaba Rain
N3XU5 - Evolution (Remix)
Panick - Mutant Academy
Tranan - Cluedo

IMDB X-Men 2

Entropy - Nobody Really Knows
Hydro Generator - Evolution
Mechanix vs Time Lock - Neverland
X-Wave - Liz

IMDB Young Frankenstein

Kayseri - It's Alive


Klopfgeister - Zathuration

IMDB Zoolander

GMS vs Cyrus The Virus - William Wallace
Tristan vs The Electric Ant - Six Straight Days