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MembersHilton Theissen, Uwe Lubbers


Hilton Theissen

AkanoidHilton Theissen, Uwe Lubbers
SpacefishLinus Wessel, Hilton Theissen, Uwe Lubbers
SphereLinus Wessel, Hilton Theissen, Uwe Lubbers

Uwe Lubbers

AkanoidHilton Theissen, Uwe Lubbers
SpacefishLinus Wessel, Hilton Theissen, Uwe Lubbers
SphereLinus Wessel, Hilton Theissen, Uwe Lubbers



Akanoid - Best off EPInsolation RecordsINSOL0102000
Akanoid - Fishes EPInsolation RecordsINSOL0062000
Akanoid - Godflesh EPInsolation RecordsINSOL0042000
Akanoid - Dawn EPInsolation RecordsINSOL0172001
Akanoid - Metamorphin EPInsolation RecordsINSOL0292002


Akanoid - Best offInsolation RecordsINSOL010CD2000
Akanoid - MetamorphinInsolation RecordsINSOL029CD2002
Akanoid - 33/45 Best 'Til NowInsolation RecordsINSOL043CD2003
Akanoid - Instant SummerEdition Popfloor40191097070752004


Akanoid - AkanoidPsysolation RecordsPSYSOL05 CD
Akanoid - Akanoid (Edit)Insolation RecordsINSOL010EP
Akanoid - Akanoid (Edit)Insolation RecordsINSOL010CDCD
Akanoid - Akanoid (Lite Mix)Insolation RecordsINSOL043CDCD
Akanoid - Alan's FutureInsolation RecordsINSOL043CDCD
Akanoid - Alan's FutureInsolation RecordsINSOL010CDCD
Akanoid - Alan's FutureInsolation RecordsINSOL010EP
Akanoid - Alans FuturePsysolation RecordsPSYSOL06CD
Akanoid - Anny (2003)Edition Popfloor4019109707075CD
Akanoid - Anny (Live)Insolation RecordsINSOL043CDCD
Akanoid - Base BreakerInsolation RecordsINSOL010CDCD
Akanoid - Base BreakerPsysolation RecordsPSYSOL03CD
Akanoid - Best BeforeInsolation RecordsINSOL011CDCD
Akanoid - Best BeforeInsolation RecordsINSOL010CDCD
Akanoid - Blue, Yellow, Black & WhiteInsolation RecordsINSOL010CDCD
Akanoid - Brotherhood Sleep (2002 Mix)Insolation RecordsINSOL029EP
Akanoid - Brotherhood Sleep (2002 Mix)Insolation RecordsINSOL029CDCD
Akanoid - Brotherhood sleep (2002)Insolation RecordsINSOL036CDCD
Akanoid - BurningInsolation RecordsINSOL017EP
Akanoid - Burning (Live version)Insolation RecordsINSOL034CDCD
Akanoid - Burning (Live)Insolation RecordsINSOL043CDCD
Akanoid - ChrysalisInsolation RecordsINSOL029CDCD
Akanoid - ChrysalisInsolation RecordsINSOL038CDCD
Akanoid - ChrysalisPsysolation RecordsPSYSOL11CD
Akanoid - ChrysalisInsolation RecordsINSOL029EP
Akanoid - ChrysalisInsolation RecordsINSOL043CDCD
Akanoid - Dance With MeEdition Popfloor4019109707075CD
Akanoid - Dance With MeYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE042CDCD
Akanoid - DawnInsolation RecordsINSOL028CDCD
Akanoid - DawnInsolation RecordsINSOL017EP
Akanoid - DawnInsolation RecordsINSOL029CDCD
Akanoid - Dawn (V.2)Insolation RecordsINSOL043CDCD
Akanoid - DestilledPsysolation RecordsPSYSOL10CD
Akanoid - DestilledInsolation RecordsINSOL029CDCD
Akanoid - Down To EarthPsysolation RecordsPSYSOL04CD
Akanoid - EndInsolation RecordsINSOL010CDCD
Akanoid - Fat BeastInsolation RecordsINSOL010CDCD
Akanoid - Fat BeastInsolation ChillingINSOLCHILL08CD
Akanoid - Final FlightInsolation ChillingINSOLCHILL04CD
Akanoid - Final flightInsolation RecordsINSOL029CDCD
Akanoid - FishesInsolation RecordsINSOL006EP
Akanoid - FishesPsysolation RecordsPSYSOL02CD
Akanoid - Floating MiraclesEdition Popfloor4019109707075CD
Akanoid - GenetroniqueInsolation RecordsINSOL010CDCD
Akanoid - GenetroniqueInsolation RecordsINSOL043CDCD
Akanoid - GenetroniqueInsolation RecordsINSOL004EP
Akanoid - Genetronique (Extended Prologue Version)Psysolation RecordsPSYSOL01CD
Akanoid - GodfleshInsolation RecordsINSOL004EP
Akanoid - GodfleshInsolation RecordsINSOL043CDCD
Akanoid - GodfleshInsolation RecordsINSOL003CDCD
Akanoid - Groove Supporter (B.L.E.E.F. Remix)Insolation RecordsINSOL010CDCD
Akanoid - Groove Supporter (B.L.E.E.F. Remix)Insolation RecordsINSOL010EP
Akanoid - ID 01XEdition Popfloor4019109707075CD
Akanoid - JusubaInsolation RecordsINSOL029CDCD
Akanoid - JusubaInsolation RecordsINSOL029EP
Akanoid - Launch A TuneMental Arts RecordsMA007CDCD
Akanoid - Launch A TuneEdition Popfloor4019109707075CD
Akanoid - Metal ConsoleEdition Popfloor4019109707075CD
Akanoid - MetamorphonicInsolation RecordsINSOL029CDCD
Akanoid - MetamorphonicPsysolation RecordsPSYSOL08CD
Akanoid - MetamorphonicInsolation RecordsINSOL029EP
Akanoid - Metamorphonic (Live)Insolation RecordsINSOL043CDCD
Akanoid - Mindland IIEdition Popfloor4019109707075CD
Akanoid - Post DubbyEdition Popfloor4019109707075CD
Akanoid - Post dubbyYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE038CDCD
Akanoid - Silence growsInsolation RecordsINSOL029CDCD
Akanoid - Silent GreenEdition Popfloor4019109707075CD
Akanoid - SundanceInsolation RecordsINSOL043CDCD
Akanoid - SundanceInsolation RecordsINSOL006EP
Akanoid - SunriseInsolation RecordsINSOL043CDCD
Akanoid - SunriseInsolation RecordsINSOL005CDCD
Akanoid - TakkorachiEdition Popfloor4019109707075CD
Akanoid - Wake up brokenInsolation RecordsINSOL029CDCD
Akanoid - Wake Up BrokenPsysolation RecordsPSYSOL09CD
Akanoid - Walking on AirInsolation RecordsINSOL010CDCD
Akanoid - Water DropInsolation RecordsINSOL010CDCD
Akanoid - Water DropInsolation RecordsINSOL010EP


E-Chip - E-Chip (Akanoid Remix)Insolation RecordsINSOL025EP
E-Chip - E-Chip (Akanoid's 4001 Remix)Psysolation RecordsPSYSOL09CD
Akanoid - Best off EP Akanoid - Fishes EP Akanoid - Godflesh EP Akanoid - Best off Akanoid - Metamorphin Akanoid - 33/45 Best 'Til Now Akanoid - Instant Summer