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Various Artists - Guitars On Mushroom 1

Various Artists - Guitars On Mushroom 1
LabelPsysolation Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 S.U.N. Project - Sex, Drugs & Acidtrance
02 Cosmosis - Down at the Crossroad
03 Chi-A.D. - Monsters
04 Mindfield & Baraka - VD Massacre
05 Xenomorph - Killer State
06 Distortion Orchestra - Universal Oscillator
07 C.O.N. Sequencer feat. Milque - Cocaine Speaking
08 Cydonia - April Fools
09 Mino - Happy People

01 Deep Dive Corp. - Laugh
02 Akanoid - Fishes
03 Akasha Project - Voodoovoice
04 Human Blue - Breaking Limits
05 Anjin - Liveform
06 Klangstrahler Projekt - Deep Thought (Guitar Remix)
07 Steve Baltes - Cologne Summer
08 Electric Universe - Meteor
09 Puls - The Fire from Within

Chi-A.D. - Monsters

'My mommy said there were no monsters. No real ones. But there are, aren't there?'

'Yes, there are'

'One cannot be betrayed if one has no people'

First one from 'Aliens', second from 'The Usual Suspects'

The Usual Suspects

Xenomorph - Killer State

'...scratch his ass like a stinkbug! You gonna be famous, fucker!' 'I don't think so... (sound of gunshot)'

'Got a package for you. There's a drive-in on (?) Hill... pick it up there tomorrow'

'Okay, just send one man alone'

'Dissent, chaos, anarchy... now that's fun!'

'Who's this sack of shit?'

'I don't wanna know whatever it is that you do... now, you're gonna get the fuck out of here'

'Put your hands where I can see them'

'Okay, motherfucker!'

'What the hell is going on?'

'I suppose you pulled us over because you had suspects in the area! That's what you're gonna tell me? Well, what's the description, two black males in a car? Yeah, right! I've heard that one before... you know what? You pulled over the wrong black male tonight!'

'Oh, we got a problem here? We got a problem? Huh?'

'You wanna fuck with me?'

'Calling all SWAT units, calling code 3, there's a very acute situation of angst, 12181 Southwestern Boulevaurd, Highway 13'

'Shows each one doing a route from West L.A. on VIP move... location 2049, 7th block East'

'Calling all SWAT units, responding code 3 from downtown LAX. Heavily armed subjects are about...'

'Some (electronic) toy could do this?'

'Does anybody have a plan?'

'Are you people insane?'

'Turn your punk ass over!' 'Fuck you, man, fuck you!'

'(sound of explosion)... Dammit!'

Some samples from the movie 'Strange Days'

Strange Days

Deep Dive Corp. - Laugh

'A nice warm feeling, and then a sense of openness... and the overwhelming urge to laugh'

Anjin - Liveform


'You will not find a pulse, because I have never possessed a body'

'Why aren't the sensors on? What the hell is this?'

'All external controls have turned off! The body's using it's own power source!'

'I entered this body because I was unable to overcome the section 6 reactive barriers. However, what you are now witnessing is an act of my own free will. As a sentient lifeform, I hereby demand political asylum'

'Is this a joke? Ridiculous, it's programmed for self-preservation!'

'It can also be argued that DNA is nothing more than a program, designed to preserve itself. Life has become more compact, floating on the sea of information. Life has organized it's species by genes, which are memories. So man is called unique, only because of his intangible memory. But memory cannot be defined, but defines mankind. With the advent of computers, a system for the accumulation of interpolated data has given rise to a new system of memories'

From the movie 'Ghost In The Shell' (english version)

Ghost In The Shell

Various Artists - Guitars On Mushroom 1: Front
Various Artists - Guitars On Mushroom 1: Back