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In R Voice

MembersDenis Kozlov


Denis Kozlov

In R VoiceDenis Kozlov



In R Voice - Crying Universe EPFractal RecordsFRAC0012000
Various Artists - Psychoaneasis EPSphere RecordsSPH0022000


In R Voice - Resonance MetaphizixOptica RecordsOPTCD0022002
In R Voice - The Scent of Russian DreamsSphere RecordsSPHCD0092005


In R Voice - Alien ResonatorOptica RecordsOPTCD002CD
In R Voice - Atomic MedicineSphere RecordsSPHCD009CD
In R Voice - BreakthroughKukomi RecordsKKCD001CD
In R Voice - Chaos InfinityOptica RecordsOPTCD002CD
In R Voice - Comming Back 2UFractal RecordsFRAC001EP
In R Voice - Crying UniverseFractal RecordsFRAC001EP
In R Voice - Docklands AnomolyOptica RecordsOPTCD002CD
In R Voice - Emotion CodeOptica RecordsOPTCD002CD
In R Voice - Esoteric 013Rumour RecordsTRIPBX15CD
In R Voice - FrequencySphere RecordsSPHCD009CD
In R Voice - Heartbreak CafeSphere RecordsSPHCD009CD
In R Voice - In R RealitySphere RecordsSPHCD009CD
In R Voice - Infused With The SpiralSphere RecordsSPHCD009CD
In R Voice - Inner Vision JetSphere RecordsSPHCD009CD
In R Voice - Inner VoiceOptica RecordsOPTCD002CD
In R Voice - KillahertzYellow Sunshine Explosion RecordingsYSE102CDCD
In R Voice - KillahertzSphere RecordsSPHCD009CD
In R Voice - My Mind ExistsSphere RecordsSPHCD009CD
In R Voice - My Name Is TrinityRumour RecordsTRIPBX20CD
In R Voice - Mysterious MindsOptica RecordsOPTCD002CD
In R Voice - Present Continious MomentOptica RecordsOPTCD002CD
In R Voice - Reality Is IllusionOptica RecordsOPTCD002CD
In R Voice - ResonanceOptica RecordsOPTCD001CD
In R Voice - ResonanceOptica RecordsOPTCD002CD
In R Voice - Space BootSphere RecordsSPH002EP
In R Voice - Space BootSphere RecordsSPHCD002CD
In R Voice - Synth EthicsSphere RecordsSPHCD009CD
In R Voice - Temple WorksSphere RecordsSPHCD001CD
In R Voice - The Scent Of Russian DreamsSphere RecordsSPHCD009CD
In R Voice - Time Is Running OutOptica RecordsOPTCD002CD
In R Voice - TrunklucatorFractal RecordsFRAC001EP
In R Voice - Trunklucator (Remix)Optica RecordsOPTCD002CD


In R Voice & Shakta - Present MomentDragonfly RecordsBFLCD71CD
Shakta & In R Voice - Present MomentReturn to the SourceRTTS13EP
Shakta & In R Voice - Present Moment (Electric Tease Mix)Return to the SourceRTTS13EP


Dark Soho - Depth of Emotion (In R Voice Remix)Sphere RecordsSPHCD005CD
In R Voice - Crying Universe EP In R Voice - Resonance Metaphizix In R Voice - The Scent of Russian Dreams