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Timeshard formed on the UK's free festival scene they had more in common with Can or Vangelis than their peers. Their music was always a little too psychedelically influenced for mainstream dance market success, but their music stands the test of time better than some.



Timeshard - Zero (Ouroboros) EPPlanet Dog RecordsBARK008T1995


Timeshard - Crystal OscillationsPlanet Dog RecordsBARKLP0041994


Timeshard - Crystal OscillationsPlanet Dog RecordsBARKCD0041994
Timeshard - Hunab KuPlanet Dog RecordsBARKCD0181996


Timeshard - 25th CenturyMammoth RecordsMR0113-2CDCD
Timeshard - 25th CenturyPlanet Dog RecordsBARKLP004LP
Timeshard - 25th CenturyPlanet Dog RecordsBARKCD004CD
Timeshard - Central SunPlanet Dog RecordsBARKCD018CD
Timeshard - Cosmic CarrotMammoth RecordsMR0113-2CDCD
Timeshard - Cosmic CarrotPlanet Dog RecordsBARKCD004CD
Timeshard - Cosmic CarrotYoYo RecordsYOYO18-28CD
Timeshard - Cosmic CarrotSub TerraneanSPV089-38782CD
Timeshard - Cosmic CarrotPlanet Dog RecordsBARKLP004LP
Timeshard - Cosmic CarrotNova Tekk RecordsNTD90515-22CD
Timeshard - Cosmic CarrotYoYo RecordsYOYO18CD
Timeshard - Crystal OscillationsPlanet Dog RecordsBARKLP004LP
Timeshard - Crystal OscillationsMammoth RecordsMR0113-2CDCD
Timeshard - Crystal OscillationsPlanet Dog RecordsBARKCD004CD
Timeshard - Dream MessagesPlanet Dog RecordsBARKCD018CD
Timeshard - Dream MessagesPlanet Dog RecordsBARKCD027CD
Timeshard - Expand ForeverPlanet Dog RecordsBARKCD018CD
Timeshard - Human ErrorPlanet Dog RecordsBARKCD004CD
Timeshard - Human ErrorPlanet Dog RecordsBARKLP004LP
Timeshard - Hunab KuPlanet Dog RecordsBARKCD018CD
Timeshard - King Canary's Peculiar Time ChariotPlanet Dog RecordsBARKCD018CD
Timeshard - Magnetic SouthPlanet Dog RecordsBARKCD018CD
Timeshard - MetamindPlanet Dog RecordsBARKCD004CD
Timeshard - MetamindPlanet Dog RecordsBARKLP004LP
Timeshard - Metatrons CubePlanet Dog RecordsBARKCD018CD
Timeshard - Mind TundraPlanet Dog RecordsBARKCD018CD
Timeshard - OraclePlanet Dog RecordsBARKLP004LP
Timeshard - OracleMammoth RecordsMR0113-2CDCD
Timeshard - OraclePlanet Dog RecordsBARKCD004CD
Timeshard - Photon (Particle)Planet Dog RecordsBARK008TEP
Timeshard - Photon (Wave)Planet Dog RecordsBARK008TEP
Timeshard - Psionic LatticePlanet Dog RecordsBARKCD004CD
Timeshard - Psionic LatticePlanet Dog RecordsBARKLP004LP
Timeshard - Reality HelmetPlanet Dog RecordsBARKCD018CD
Timeshard - Secret Song Of The SeaMammoth RecordsMR0113-2CDCD
Timeshard - Secret Song Of The SeaPlanet Dog RecordsBARKLP004LP
Timeshard - Secret Song Of The SeaPlanet Dog RecordsBARKCD004CD
Timeshard - Star GlyphPlanet Dog RecordsBARKCD018CD
Timeshard - The OthersPlanet Dog RecordsBARKCD004CD
Timeshard - The OthersPlanet Dog RecordsBARKLP004LP
Timeshard - Voodoo ChronometerPlanet Dog RecordsBARKCD004CD
Timeshard - Voodoo ChronometerPlanet Dog RecordsBARKLP004LP
Timeshard - X-Ray EarsPlanet Dog RecordsBARK008TEP
Timeshard - YouniversePlanet Dog RecordsBARKCD018CD
Timeshard - ZeroPlanet Dog RecordsBARK008TEP
Timeshard - Crystal Oscillations Timeshard - Hunab Ku