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Various Artists - Future Sound of Ambient 3

LabelYoYo Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Cosmosis - Afterglow
02 X-Dream - Relax Vortex
03 100th Monkey - Schumacher Levy No 9
04 Sundog - Seven Minutes 2 Midnight
05 Astralasia - Tantric Afterglow
06 Total Eclipse - Espanolizer
07 Digitalis - Kyphi
08 The Infinity Project - Alien Patrol
09 Timeshard - Cosmic Carrot
10 Eat Static - Area 51

Cosmosis - Afterglow

'How far can they control my mind'

'But to know god, you must be god, and to be god you must let go of being who you thought you were.'

'And as the gods have given us, so we return the gift.'

'I can see it glowing just beyond the trees a kind of reddish colour.'