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Artax - 8 Bits Of Bliss

Artax - 8 Bits Of Bliss
LabelSunDance Records
Typealbum, CD

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Artax - 8 Bits Of Bliss


01 Artax - Type Name
02 Artax - Transformed
03 Artax - Crunching Sounds
04 Artax - Physical Processors
05 Artax - Castle Of The 8 Blissed Bits
06 Artax - Space Warp
07 Artax - Excuse My Fuse
08 Artax - Esky Killer & The Doofers Of Oz
09 Artax - Happy Schenaniganze
10 Artax - We Are Eating Ants
11 Artax - We Are Loosing Touch

SunDance Records is proud to present the second album from Swedish master Lars Bergvaul, aka. ARTAX. Lars has been hardcore touring the globe since his debut album on Glowing Flame Records, and has used the experience to dig deep into the global psychedelic conciousness and pool together a stunning melting pot of psychedelic goodness.

Screw Generation X & all their glory, this is generation Nintendo comin' at ya in a furious passing of generations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heavily Inspired by 80's gaming music, heavily inspired by the best of psytrance so far, this is a really unique look into electronic dance psychedelica, Lars has seriously invented a new sound that is unique to him. Huge driving basslines that never get too in your face, quirky , cutting edge engineering, blissful melodies, retro 8 bit sound exploration, its all here :) Definitely an album that has been written with the huge festival sound systems in mind, the louder it gets the more it makes sense. This is micro meets macro on a psychedelic mission beyond nintendo........ play with it if you dare

Check out the new sound from the Swedish forest underground, you wont be dissapointed.

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