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RAZ - Twisted Fairytale

RAZ - Twisted Fairytale
LabelSunDance Records
Typealbum, CD

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Raz - Twisted Fairytale


01 Nystagmus - Ananada (RAZ Remix)
02 Raz - Due To The War
03 Raz - Halloween
04 Raz - In Gods Hands
05 Raz - Randomized
06 Raz - Remains Of The War
07 Talpa - People Are Animals (RAZ Remix)
08 Raz - Twisted Fairytale
09 Raz - I Wish I Had A Time Machine
10 Raz - Solitude Brought The Best Of Me
11 Raz - Fiirst Lesson Is About Emotion
12 Raz - We Crash Into Each Other

01 Raz - Intro
02 Raz - Dismental
03 Raz - Fantasia
04 Raz - Ancient Story
05 Raz - Infinity In Your Head
06 Raz - Journey Into The Past
07 Raz - No Beat No Music
08 Raz - Octavia
09 Raz - Age Old Symphony
10 Raz - Wide Awake
11 Raz - Notes
12 Raz - Down Memory Lane
13 Raz - Look Up Into The Sky
14 Raz - Outro

SunDance Records is proud to present an instant classic master of psytrance, Raz. Raz is Raz Kfir from Israel, and his debut album offers us new perspectives into powerful melodic trance. His album is filled to the brim with power, ecstatic emotion and brooding atmosphere, layered with bass lines so phat you can carve your Sunday roast on them. The melodies are unique & rich and uplifting, and some also take on a distinctive sinister dark edgeproducing a war inspired apocalyptic "The world is ending" vibe.

Raz chose a double album so he could showcase all his sides of musical expression.

On both discs you can expect a full power melodic journey, complete with live guitars, finishing with emotional freestyle tracks .

Get ready for this musical journey that will leave you begging for more.

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