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Barak - Twilight Cave

Barak - Twilight Cave
LabelHadra Records
Typealbum, CD

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Barak - Barak - Twilight Cave


01 Barak - Morning Breeze On A Party Face
02 Barak - The Formula
03 Barak - Mar De Nubes
04 Barak vs Sharigrama - Human Response (Barak Remix)
05 Barak - Twilight Cave
06 Barak - The Desert Moon Mistery
07 Barak - Castle Freak
08 Barak - One Way Out
09 Barak - Sea Side - Caribean Moonshine

Have you been waiting for a new fresh psychedelic sound? Are you tired of the same standard full on style? Here comes Barak (Fernando Diaz G.). After 8 years of experience with production, he finally releases his debut album, presenting something different!

These twisted sounds and immersive atmospheres will transport you to the abysmal depths of the Twilight Cave. Imagine yourself in a cave with mysterious glowing flora and a bewitched castle emerging from an immeasurable subterranean lake. Prepare yourself to listen your way in and out of the Twilight Cave!

This album is characterised by its diversity of styles, ranging from the weirdest mixes of genres to the most uplifting melodies and rhythms. The final work, designed and produced to the very last detail will satisfy a wide range of musical tastes. It is filled up with heavy rolling funky basslines and rhythmic variations interacting with each others in the most extravagant ways; altogether fused with Barak's trademark, tricky and unpredictable storylines.

This album is guaranteed to meet the highest of quality standards creating a unique sound. NO PRESETS from other artists have been involved only dedication, insanity and love in a bundle! Be prepared to plunge deep into the Twilight Cave and enjoy a full flavoured emotion-packed journey!

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