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Bash & Demonizz & Necropsycho - Extreme Deformities

Bash & Demonizz & Necropsycho - Extreme Deformities
LabelDead Tree Productions
Typealbum, CD


01 Bash & Demonizz & Necropsycho - Deform Extrem
02 Demonizz - Sugasang
03 Bash - Painfull Memories
04 Necropsycho - Paranoid Walk
05 Bash & Demonizz & Necropsycho - Psychedelic Deficit
06 Bash - Depression's Curse
07 Necropsycho - Worldzirre
08 Demonizz - Digestive Enzymes
09 Bash & Demonizz & Necropsycho - Mental Disorder

Dead Tree Productions is proud to announce its 3rd release, the split album 'Extreme Deformities' a Dark Psychedelic masterpiece built by the combination of three of the most promising Brazilian artists: Bash, Demonizz and Necropsycho.

The whole combination of artwork and music concept refers to all the psychological traumas and physical deformities which men can be submitted to by consequence of politics and warlords luxury.

Something to be deeply tested with body and soul.