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Benza - Schwarze Now, The Defender

Benza - Schwarze Now, The Defender
LabelSonic Dragon
Typealbum, CD

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Benza - Schwarze Now, The Defender


01 Benza - Pythagoras
02 Benza - Mechanism
03 Benza - Acting in Concert
04 Benza - Fabric
05 Benza - Overture
06 Benza - The Switch
07 Benza - The Wolf (Eurovisionary Remix)
08 Benza - Irreverence
09 Benza - Everyone’s a Pornstar (Benza’s Glandular Remix)
10 Benza - The Collector
11 Benza - Sunday

Sonic Dragon is very proud to present the latest album from Australia's master of psychedelic funk, Benza. "Schwarze Now... The Defender" is Benza's third album and his most mature to date, solidifying his reputation both as a versatile musician and a quality producer.Opening with the funky "Pythagoras", Benza re-introduces himself with his signature sound. A spacious track, it bounces along with a subtle groove as squelchy synth lines weave in and out. Moving into "Mechanism" and we're presented with a electro-tinged bass line, while gentle melodies introduce a more progressive feeling into the sound. "Acting in Concert" opens with an almost tribal percussive line, and leads us into a deep, emotional track.With "Fabric", the funky percussion continues, with melodies and electro pads helping us get in touch with our percussive soul. The next track serves as a swirling overture to "The Switch", a slight departure from convention as Benza experiments with a more breakbeat orientated sound, while still maintaining his identifiably Benza sound. After this brief interlude what better way for us to return to form but with Benza's new Eurovisionary remix of "The Wolf", from his first album. Irreverence brings us back to the more refined Benza, the squelchy melodic lines and groovy bass lines mix with vocoded vocals creating a nice harmony.Next up Benza shows us more of his versatility with his bouncy, break beat Glandular remix of the groovy hit "Everyone's A Pornstar", from Melbourne's Kind Of Pluto. This is followed by "The Collector", probably the most upbeat number on the album, where a pushing kick meets with a pulsating bass line and Princess Bride samples, to create a dance floor friendly and definitively Benza tune. Last up we have "Sunday", a very refreshing end to the album, which begins as an ambient excursion and slowly moves into an uplifting, melodic number that picks up the pace yet without becoming too dominant - the perfect end to the Benza experience.

Benza - The Collector

"We are but poor, lost circus performers. Is there a village nearby?"

"My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die."

From the movie "The Princess Bride"

Benza - Schwarze Now, The Defender: Front