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Jocid & Psycobit - Blodder

Jocid & Psycobit - Blodder
LabelSonic Dragon
Typealbum, CD

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Jocid - Blodder


01 Jocid & Psycobit - Face On A Dvd
02 Jocid & Psycobit - Ditherjob
03 Jocid & Psycobit - Battery People
04 Jocid & Psycobit - Demon D
05 Jocid & Psycobit - Blodder
06 Jocid & Psycobit - I Wonder
07 Jocid & Psycobit - Global Control
08 Jocid & Psycobit - Nasty Sluts

From their laboratory deep in Amsterdam comes the latest instalment of the psychedelic tales of Jocid, this time teaming up with co-conspirator Psycobit. After their impressive track 'Global Control' on the 'Lo-Land Hi-Tech' compilation, the pair have been brewing up an album full of tight, clean and very psychedelic tracks. Combining the very refined high production techniques of Jocid with the ideas and vision of Psycobit, this is a refreshing piece of full on psychedelic tech trance unique in today's environment.

Jocid & Psycobit - Blodder: Front