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Blazed - See Deep Inside

Blazed - See Deep Inside
LabelEnzyme Records
Typealbum, CD

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Blazed - See Deep Inside


01 Blazed feat. Hideyo Blackmoon - Supreme Mind
02 Blazed - New Age Phenomena
03 Blazed - The Awakening (See Deep Inside)
04 Cycle Sphere - Electrical Resistence (Blazed Remix)
05 Blazed - One day (I Have A Dream...)
06 Eskimo - Party Pooper (Blazed Remix)
07 Blazed - Cool Colours
08 Blazed - Trance-N-Dance
09 Blazed - Noha
10 Blazed - Higher & Higher

ZORFLUX (HORIZON Live with Eskimo) & TWISTED REACTION created this new project called "BLAZED".

Phantasm's newest talent, Blazed come with a mind blowing debut album entitled, "See Deep Inside". The album features top notch remixed tracks like legendary floor stomper, Eskimo - Party Pooper and Cycle Sphere - Electrical Resistance, Serious sound with lots of groove and fat basslines. Psychedelic roots mixed with sound and technology of these days, bringing you allways a full message of joy...Get ready to blaze your senses with this fresh and original psykiller sound...ONLY dancefloor ROCKERS!

This solo album released @ Enzyme Records (sub Label) Phantasm Records is the 3rd CD released from this label, with a new one coming soon from this dual-head power project, working now on a remix album and collaborations with top artists of psy scene such as: Eskimo, Horizon, Cycle Sphere, Mad Maxx, Alternative Control, Waio, Freaked Frequency, Dapanji, Bliss, Dickster, Menog and more.Enjoy the ride!

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