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CCL - Unleash The Beast

CCL - Unleash The Beast
LabelDoof Records
Typealbum, CD


01 CCL - Intro
02 CCL - Banani
03 CCL - Massive
04 CCL - LF-Ants
05 CCL - Geiger
06 CCL - Oob Oob
07 CCL - Tie Ripped
08 CCL - Scratch
09 CCL - Utb Remix
10 CCL - ID Slayer

Deep, Dark, Funky - This is what the listener should expect from this debut album of ccL. This is the music of the psychedelic winter caverns, where the music is dripping with acid and will shake your ass.

REV and Zebra-N, two Doof veterans from Amsterdam combine their distinct styles into a new blend of oldschool tech-Psy and high BPM Scandinavian night twisters. The ccL boys (ccL could care Less) have been on stage around the world for the last year, perfecting their sound and inducing smiles and sweat on the dancing tribe. This album is loaded with the sounds and beats of Doof music.