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Chemical Drive - Sun Semilla

Chemical Drive - Sun Semilla
LabelRhythms of Peace Record
Typealbum, CD


01 Chemical Drive - Inner Action (Remix)
02 Chemical Drive - Psy Drive
03 Chemical Drive - Veporized
04 Chemical Drive - Last Galaxy
05 Chemical Drive - In Visible
06 Chemical Drive - Night In Africa
07 Chemical Drive - Robo Gobo
08 Electro Sun - We Can Fly (Chemical Drive Remix)
09 Chemical Drive - Sansimilia

Rhythms of Peace records is proud and delighted to announce the explosive second album of Chemical Drive, named Sun' Semilla .
Chemical drive Is Ronen Sahar (28) from Israel, Tel-Aviv. He has been writing and producing music since the late 90s and has released tracks on several major labels like. He's quite musical style combines morning progressive and psy full on. Chemical Drive productions have a unique fat quality by using most frequencies on the spectrum.

Ronen has already played his music all over the world : maroco, london, brazil, Mexico, Greece, Israel, Canada ,france, hungary, turkey, japan, Switzerland In 2005 SONIC BOOM'(his first album ) released on utopia records, was a great succes and some hits were playecd on dancefloors all around the world.

After working closely with the top leaders of the scene his second album « SUN SEMILLA' » contains several dancefloors hits as « african night » and « veporised » witch are on the leading charts around the world. The 9 electrical tracks of this album offers a new style of «sun'semila » music ☺get ready to be chemicaled...

By this album sun'semilla we would like to remind the wonderfull gift that has been given tu us by nature : Hemp Hemp is a unique 100% ecological plant that could save the world and be a substitution to all polluting components used nowadays. We would like to remid it ☺From hemp we can produce everything we need to survive, without killing our mother earth.We can make clothes, paper, oil, cordage, food, comsetics, fuel, medecins ..

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