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Various Artists - Rhythms Of Peace 2006

Various Artists - Rhythms Of Peace 2006
LabelRhythms of Peace Record
Typecompilation, CD


01 Vibrasphere - Desert Plain
02 Tegma - Zatla
03 Chromosome - Lost In Translation (Andromeda Remix)
04 Neuromotor - My Ancestors
05 Fatali - Dreams
06 Genetic Syndrome - Gnawa Peace
07 Chemical Drive - Mountain High
08 Painkiller vs Mekkanikka - Sand Storm
09 Bliss - Transatlantic Moonshine

Rhythms of Peace Record is proud to present its first release for the second edition of Rhythms of Peace Festival that will happen in Morocco between the 17th and the 22nd of august.

This new fresh label is dedicated to a new concept of trance music, trying to build a bridge between ancestral trance music and electronic trance music. This first compilation is dedicated to the old gnawa music of morocco. All the tracks include traditional music that has been recorded in our studio from Maalem Abdelatif el Mekhzoumi and other Moroccan artists. Those special recordings have been worked out later by artists performing at the festival including all kind of electronic trance music from progressive to full on.

We are very proud to present our new artists also: Chemical drive, Genetic syndrom and Chromosome that are part of this new vision.

The entire concept has been worked out with all this various artists by Dj Moon, manager of Rhythms of peace records and Rhythms of Peace Festival.

The origin of Gnawa music originally comes from West Africa, south of the Sahara. Over 2000 years ago, slavery, conscription and trade brought people from West Africa to North Africa, which was then Morocco. When they got to the north, they brought their music with them. Since these different groups all played the same type of music making references and prayers to god and all then saints that they knew.

Enjoy this special journey into the spirit of the old trance masters and see you in Morocco for an out blasting psychedelic experience.

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