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Compressor vs Materia - Dual Resonance

Compressor vs Materia - Dual Resonance
Label24/7 Records
Typealbum, CD

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Compilation - Dual Resonance


01 Compressor vs Materia - Dual Resonanse
02 Materia - Violeria
03 Compressor - Relativity
04 Materia - Violeria (Compressor Machine Remix)
05 Compressor - Relativity (Materia Remix)

24/7 Records is Proud to present the 5 Track Album Preview, of their first signed artists Compressor and Materia. This one is a must have!

Both Artists coming with a unique sound and all full on elements of driving full power Psy trance, mature and deep with distinct reverberated atmospheres and synth's. An Intelligent and beautifully arranged mixture of modern electronic styles with an original full on morning funk, pumping bass lines and toe stomping power. With No doubt the labels next top shelf release.

At the moment both Artists are currently working on finishing their long awaited debut albums to be released on 24/7 Records autumn 2007. They are also featured on the upcoming Double CD of Doof and dooflex Records coming later this year. They have gained a lot of exposure in the last 12 Month all over Europe and there is only more to come..

Compressor vs Materia - Dual Resonance: Front