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Various Artists - Event Horizon

Various Artists - Event Horizon
Label24/7 Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Broken Toy - Bites An Bruises
02 Materia - Help Me
03 Biogenesis - Computer Voice
04 Khopat - Simplicity
05 Mekkanikka - Psycho Bullshit
06 Hydraglyph - Cigarettes And Silver Bullets
07 Painkiller - Far Away
08 V-Storm - Imitation Of Life
09 Tube - Scar Face
10 Pitch Hikers - Play This

Canada based Greg Hall aka Dj Horizon has selected 24/7 2nd Release, a full on feast. 10 unreleased dance floor orientated psychedelic tracks. V/A - Event Horizon takes you through a journey of full-power driving psytrance featuring well established and upcoming artists from Portugal, Brazil, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Austria and Israel. The compilation has a distinct & selective taste and is suitable for any dancefloor.