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Cosmosis - Contact

Cosmosis - Contact
LabelTransient Records
Typealbum, CD

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Cosmosis - Contact


01 Cosmosis - Contact
02 Cosmosis - Find your own difinity
03 Cosmosis - The first step
04 Cosmosis - Holographic
05 Cosmosis - Inner space
06 Cosmosis - Supernatural
07 Mumbo Jumbo - Weird, Sick, Twisted (Cosmosis Remix)
08 Cosmosis - Human evolution
09 Cosmosis - Skankadelic

Cosmosis - The First Step

'This whole physical universe is a created hologram. We have a focusing device called "physical body" and we percieve time-space through that physical body and within that time-space physical body focusing mechanism is what I like to call a discriminator circuit, that holds off all of the other spectrum of consciousness, and that spectrum is virtually endless, and we are just penetrating other parts of that consciousness spectrum with this human mind. This whole physical universe is a hologram.'

'This whole physical universe is a hologram.'

'Time, time, time-space.'

'Time-space is a hologram.'

'There is an inherent energy field and it permeates all time-space but is not of time-space.'

'This whole physical universe is a hologram.'

Cosmosis - Contact: Front
Cosmosis - Contact: Back
Cosmosis - Contact: Inside
Cosmosis - Contact: Inside 2
Cosmosis - Contact: Inside 3