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CPU - Discodelic

CPU - Discodelic
LabelNutek Records
Typealbum, CD

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Cpu - Discodelic


01 CPU - Psy Nations
02 CPU - Discodelic
03 CPU - I Lost My Brain In Tokyo
04 CPU - Music
05 CPU - Animal
06 CPU - Number Sixx
07 CPU - Expander
08 CPU - Compressor
09 CPU - Morning Drop
10 CPU - Eclipsed

We proudly presents the 3rd album from CPU studios, 'Discodelic'!

After 2 fullon albums, well known for their unique style all around the world, Samy is surprising us again, with a new massive dancefloor tales, of psychedelia.

Upgrading and pushing back the buonderies of production, 'Discodelic' with 10 new tracks, will make you loose your brain and conect to the roots, with this classic psydisco flavour melting onto Trance.

CPU - Music

" is the universal language of mankind..."

CPU - Discodelic: Front