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Cujorius One - The Art Of Mindfucking

Cujorius One - The Art Of Mindfucking
LabelHeadstick Records
Typealbum, CD

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Cujorius One - The Art Of Mindfucking


01 Cujorius One - Nicotine Lipgloss
02 Cujorius One - Speaker Bite Me
03 Cujorius One - Art Of Mindfucking
04 Cujorius One - Right Above The Underlife
05 Cujorius One - Speak To Me With A Friendly Beam
06 Cujorius One - We Turn Our Faces Dirty
07 Cujorius One - Suck Me Sideways
08 Cujorius One - Depressed Mode
09 Cujorius One - Soulscars
10 Cujorius One - Medication Time
11 Cujorius One - An Acid Teardrop

The Second full length album from Danish Cujorius One, comes more than 18 month's after the previous album "creating a second sun", released on Australian based Zenon Records.

The album is being released on Greek based, Joystick / Headstick Records, over the summer 2007, and will continue where the previous album left, in the dark corners of psychedelic and progressive tech trance. With an experimental groove and glitchy details, the album is not for the faint hearted.

Dark, driving, pumping rhythms put alongside the huge and epic universe of pads and strings, which is the trademark of Cujorius One.
Production has taken place since January 2006, at Copenhagen based UpFront Audio Studios, During the almost 16 month production period the studio changed form, from one production method to another, which gave a huge lift in the type of sound coming out, which is one of the key parts to the album, the change between the tracks.