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Various Artists - Gourmet

Various Artists - Gourmet
LabelHeadstick Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 9West - Stereo Glass
02 Dima - Heads On
03 Drone - Hanging Out At Night
04 Damod vs Vagua - In A Dood Mood
05 Gio Red - Aggressive
06 Midnight Pulse - Resolve
07 Neomatic - Kijj
08 Vagua - Searching
09 Atropa - Wanga Tanga

The Gourmet series are going to be including tracks from "the Greek scene", with tracks written by Greek artists, in order to try and show Greek talent in the progressive and psy scene.

This first CD includes mostly new names, with Electro-Progressive influenced tracks. All these acts are made of people who are well known in the Greek and Balkans Scene. Drone needs no introduction as they have successfully gained a reputation in the proggie scene around the world with releases on Headstick and Candyflip. Dima and Gio Red are their individual solo projects, with releases on a number of different labels internationaly.

The introductory track Stereo Glass by 9west, is made by one of the most well-known DJs in the Greek Scene, DJ Tikis, the representative of Spiral Trax in Greece, along with one of the older producers in the north of Greece, Vasillis Tsipidis. Expect more releases by the duo, on labels such as James Monroe's Tropical Beats. Vagua, aka Igneous (Sauria) is an established artist in the psy scene with releases on labels such as Flying Rhino, Creamcrop, Dragonfly/LSD, Hadshot and Joystick/Headstick's label manager. He's got included two tracks in the compi one versus Damod, one of the most established DJs in the north of Greece. DJ Damod who's played more than once for all the promoters and recently started producing. Neomatic are also made up from a well respected DJ in the Greek scene along with producer Kostas Efthimiadis.

The two acts that complete the compi are Atropa, a very experienced act around for a number of years and Midnight Pulse, a duo of young artists from Athens. Expect albums by Midnight Pulse and Atropa on Headstick by the end of the year.