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Cyber Vixen - Kundal My Lini

Cyber Vixen - Kundal My Lini
Typealbum, CD

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Cybervixen - Kundal My Lini


01 Cyber Vixen - Land of Mystery
02 Cyber Vixen - Fuel
03 Cyber Vixen - Ondine
04 Cyber Vixen - Krysta
05 Cyber Vixen - Mists Of Time
06 Cyber Vixen - For Every Nation
07 Cyber Vixen - Seratonin
08 Cyber Vixen - Valley Of The Moon
09 Cyber Vixen - Jupiter Wave

"Kundal My Lini", the ecstatic new album from Cybervixen, is a playful, stylish, sweeping soundscape dancing skillfully between a fusion of genres - drawing influences from breakbeat, trance, world music, and DJ culture. This collection weaves well crafted songs with sensual exotic rhythms and poetic, uplifting and sophisticated vocals which embrace spirit and the divine. All tracks are gilded with shimmering FX and lush production on this cosmic dance journey. Album length - 9 tracks / 68 minutes